How to Increase Sales with Better Business Signs

Effective interior and outdoor signage is essential to the branding efforts of almost any business. From wall decals to billboards, signage can help bring in new customers and retain the attention of regulars. To improve your signage, consider placement, graphics, short messages and frequent changes.

Better sign design and placement not only improves the image of your business, but it can help increase your sales from existing customers as well as by attracting new ones. The tips provided below will help you improve your business sign design.

Proper Sign Placement

The right sign in the wrong place is useless. Signs in buildings should be placed at eye level. Drivers must be able to read outdoor signs without taking their eyes off the road for too long. If they have to crane their necks, your sign efforts will have been in vain. If there is a lot of foot traffic in front of your location, consider a sandwich board on the sidewalk to capture people’s attention as they stroll by.

Branding With Impactful Graphics

Make your sign eye-catching. Vivid colors, a large, simple font and strong contrast are visually appealing and easy to read. Think of the color combinations the world’s biggest players use to brand their famous names. McDonald’s red and yellow color scheme is bold and basic. You can’t miss Burger King’s primary colors of yellow, red and blue against a white background, and who could forget Target’s stark red-and-white bulls-eye? Keep signs impactful but on-brand by pairing a bright color from your brand pallet with a neutral such as white or black. Colored text on white, or white text on a colored background are highly-legible combinations.

And now for this brief message…

There’s a reason TV spots are usually short. You’re trying to get prospective customers’ attention, not provide them with reading material. A few catchy words are easy to read and digest, and the more short and memorable they are, the likelier they are to be recalled later. It’s even better if you can design the message that can offer an obvious benefit to the reader.

Mix it Up

Plan to create several variations of the same signage so you can switch it up from time to time. Customers like variety, and changing out your wall decals and other business signs will keep them interested. For example, regular customers at a pizza joint usually have a few minutes to look at the restaurant’s wall decals while waiting for carry-out orders. They’re likely to notice a new decal if it contains relevant information they haven’t seen before. Wall decals are also an excellent way to decorate a store location for seasons or holidays without bulky displays or messy paint jobs.

Do you have any other tips for others? How has your busienss sign improvement helped increase sales?

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