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5 Principles to Follow when Buying Business

There are few decisions in life that are as important as buying business. Think about it! You are getting ready to bet your life savings on it. Not only that, but you are betting your future on it too. The decision not only affects you, but everyone around you, especially your family and friends. You will pay the price for any mistake you make at this point for a long time.
It is easy to make wrong decisions during the buying process, particularly after you become too involved, and get frustrated by the slow pace of progress. You just want to get it done and start working on the future rather than continue “wasting” your time. This is when you are likely to make wrong decisions and regret them afterwards. I always like to lay out few principles that I can go back to when this type of situation arises, so that I can keep myself in the check. The 5 mantras I have described below are meant to guide potential buyer during the buying process and help make the right decision.
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You CAN Handle The Truth: Five Legal Myths Small Business Owners Should Avoid

We’ve all dreamt about standing up in front of a packed courtroom and shouting the words, “You can’t handle the truth!” But when it comes time to protecting our small businesses and our personal assets, reenacting A Few Good Men won’t get us very far.

There are several legal myths that small business owners commonly believe in. These myths aren’t only dangerous to our companies, but they can be dangerous to our personal livelihoods. Take a look at the five legal myths below to make sure your company isn’t sinking into hot water.
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Under Promise, Over Deliver – Key to Business Success

Do you remember the time when you were pleasantly surprised to get more than you had expected from a business? How about the time when you were annoyed when you didn’t get what business had promised? It’s interesting how we remember outcomes that have turned out better than or worse than our expectations, but not the ones that came out as promised! Businesses who understand this simple fact stand to benefit by delighting their customers. This is the commonly known principle of “Under Promise and Over Deliver”.
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Top 10 Blog Articles from 2012

As we herald into 2013 I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit the stories we produced in 2012 and the response we received from the readers. Here are the top 10 articles, in no particular order that got the most attention, discussion, controversy and response.
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