Best Options to Build a Company Car Fleet

Car Fleet
If you are starting a new business, you will already be aware of how much there is to take into consideration. Finding the right office space and building a team around you are tough enough challenges to begin with. But then there is much more for you to think about. One of those things is how your staff is going to travel from place to place, especially if they are often on the road meeting clients and customers. Many businesses choose to build a company car fleet to enable their staff to do their work wherever they have to go. If you’re thinking of doing the same for your business, here are some things to consider first.

Choosing Vehicles

With so many different aspects of modern business requiring transport, the car is really the most flexible, reliable and cost-effective option you will have. The promise of a company car is also an attractive boon you can use to entice new recruits. However, with growing choices of models and brands as well as options and prices, the market is a complex one to navigate. In recent years many businesses have downsized and gone from opting for classics like the Ford Mondeo to cars like the smaller hatchback Ford Focus. Taxation has a major bearing here, as the tax system penalises drivers of luxurious cars that produce large carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore many firms are looking to low-emission diesels as their vehicles of choice.

Company cars are also a substantial cost for a business, and as a businessman you would no doubt have far more pressing costs to deal with in running your firm. Many firms choose to lease their fleet cars, which allows them to spread the running costs evenly over the life of the lease rather than buying a vehicle and seeing the value depreciate dramatically within the first few months of use. Leasing companies can also reclaim VAT on the car as it is entirely for business use, and that is a saving that can be passed on to their customers.

Insuring Your Cars

Once you’ve decided on the size and shape of your company car fleet, it’s important that you go through the necessary checks and paperwork to keep your vehicles on the road. That includes looking for insurance to cover your business motor fleet like that provided by Catlin. Then you can let your staff get on the road and have them bringing in the money back to your coffers.