How to Protect Your Business Against Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury
Business owners must attend to many different tasks over the course of a day. Among the most important of these tasks is the development of an effective safety program to prevent the risk for personal injury and control the amount of workers’ compensation claims that can add to the entrepreneur’s insurance expenses. The advice of experienced lawyers can be an important part of the business owner’s strategy.

A Culture of Safety

Creating a culture of safety within your business organization can help reduce both the number and severity of compensation claims. When workers incorporate safety into their daily tasks, a radical change develops in work habits and methods of operation. Many business owners find that periodic safety training is the best way to ensure that safe work practices are implemented throughout the workday. This strategy can help to initiate new employees into the practice, as well as to reinforce these practices in workers who have been with the company for some time. Informing workers about the recommendations of safety experts can be helpful. Even more beneficial is encouraging workers to find their own ideas on how to improve safety within their assigned tasks. This strategy aids in keeping safety a primary concern for workers. Many companies provide rewards for “best idea.” This can foster a spirit of competition between workers that makes safety an ever-present consideration throughout the workweek. It can also enlist the help of all workers in reminding others about safe work practices.

Personal Safety Equipment

Providing workers with a variety of personal safety equipment is the most critical part of reducing workplace injuries and reducing compensation claims. However, having the safety equipment on hand is often not sufficient, in itself, to lower personal injury rates and compensation costs. Workers must also be trained in the proper use of the equipment and encouraged to use it on a regular basis. This action can be incorporated into regular safety meetings to keep workers informed of new equipment and techniques.

Implementing Proper Procedures

Business owners should also take care to implement a well-defined protocol for dealing with on-the-job injuries to ensure that immediate medical care is provided to minimize compensation claims. All supervisory personnel should be notified of the established protocol and its importance in keeping company expenses within budgetary constraints. Consulting with an attorney experienced in workers compensation matters can help you to determine the best course of action when an injury occurs.

An Experienced Legal Team

When entrepreneurs start a business, they seldom consider the many legal problems that can occur in the course of providing goods or service to customers each day. However, those that have competent legal advice concerning business matters can have a strategic advantage over their competitors. These entrepreneurs are rarely caught by surprise in legal entanglements that can cause significant amounts of money. Workers compensation matters can be particularly perilous, with questions of liability and compensation fraud always part of the consideration. Experienced lawyers can help business owners avoid many of the pitfalls of compensation cases and ultimately reduce these costs for the business.