Why Your Restaurant Needs Social Media

Social Media
Today’s technology driven world has created a strong business presence on social media. If utilized wisely it can greatly benefit your restaurant. Social media pages provide you with opportunities to personally connect with your customers by displaying menus and pictures as well as advertising for special events. It also allows you to communicate with your customers through a variety of posting and messaging methods. However, the costs of social media can add up over time, especially if you choose to utilize the services of an outside company. So how can you save pennies and receive the benefits of social media at the same time? Keep reading below for some simple advice.

Keep it Simple

Due to the variety of social media sites available, in can be tempting to create pages and profiles on every one. However, too many can be overwhelming and cost you additional time and money to manage. Instead, limit your pages to just one or two sites, staying focused on the ones that receive the most attention. If your Pinterest site is ineffective, there is no rule saying you have to keep it. If you find that uploading photos and sharing posts on your Facebook or Instagram pages draw customers to your restaurant, expend your energy on these sites instead. The point is, restaurant marketing ideas don’t have to be time consuming and expensive.

Draw on Your Employees

Instead of hiring an outside photographer or graphic artist to take photos and post them, why not utilize the brains and talents of your own employees? These are the wheels that keep your restaurant running and probably some of the first people your customers come in contact with. By letting your employees take photos of their food creations, events, or your regular customers, you can create a personal connection between your business and patrons. Plus, it will not cost you a single dime when you ask employees to share images and messages on your media pages.

Create a Social Media In-House Position

As mentioned earlier, hiring an outside service to update and manage your social media pages can be quite costly. However, there is a good chance that one or two of your employees are masterminds of social media and could be of great help in uploading photos, creating posts and advertising for events. If you do not have anyone with this experience and knowledge, you can create a position and hire a new employee. This would still cost less than hiring out to a firm.

Stick With It

Once you decide upon one or two pages to advertise and create a presence on, you must stay committed to these. This means updating them on a consistent and possibly daily basis. It is also important to not give up if your pages do not receive a lot of attention right away. Growing an audience and online presence takes time. While your first few posts may not receive a great number of likes, the more you update and promote your restaurant, services and employees, the better your chances of increasing your revenue.

While social media does require time, energy and some money, by following these tips you can spend less, earn more and create unique relationships and connections with your present and future customers.