3 Reasons to Transfer to a Different Web Hosting Provider

Web Hosting
When you sign up with a web hosting company, it is not always guaranteed that the partnership will last forever. Aside from the obvious game changer that the hosting company goes out of business, there are several other reasons that may make a domain owner transfer domain name service, or DNS, to a new host. While it is possible to keep a domain with one company while using a different company for hosting, most people find it easier to keep all their web services with one company. Here are the typical reasons why many people want to transfer the web hosting provider.

If you are operating as an individual proprietor or a very small firm, cost and cash flow are everything. At the time of renewal, cash reserves may be low, and a company may find it easier to transfer hosting to a new company for an introductory price. This initial cost is often lower than the cost of renewal at the existing web host. When it is time to pay a renewal fee, the company’s access to cash is improved, and they can pay the few with little to no strain on the business. In other cases, the cost at a new hosting firm is just less expensive all around, and a website owner may just take the leap when the more economical option presents itself.
Because each domain owner may have a different purpose and a different level of involvement with his site, he may also have very different needs when it comes to features. For most, the basic user interface and navigation tools are enough. However, there are some sites that must be geared toward eCommerce and require the capacity to build online storefronts and offer reliable payment systems. The usual interface and standard offerings may not work for this type of site owner. There has also been a significant increase in the number of owners who do the work on the site themselves rather than parceling it out to others. They want interfaces that are extremely user friendly and do not require them to get certification in coding or site programming just to understand how to maintain the site. Simplicity is best for them. Hosting companies should always be aware that the availability of features, or lack of them, can be a huge draw or turn-off for potential clients.
Negative Customer Service Experiences
Even the hosting companies that offer the most affordable prices are subject to customer service review. Clients will not choose to stay with a company that has poor reliability because the servers are always down, poor accountability because the hosting company never communicates when there are problems and poor response to any issues the customer may encounter. These things, which all count as customer service are enough to make a site owner transfer service entirely. Most choose problem-free service, even over price, because they, too, need to be accountable to their own customers and viewers.

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