Financial and Environmental Benefits of Portable Buildings for Small Business

Portable Building
Many start-up businesses, and growing ones, face the challenge of having a building space to work from. While you can opt to build or rent a permanent building it takes time to get it ready for business use. It also requires significant investment and high operating cost. There is another alternative in terms of portable building that can provide cost effective solution. Portable buildings are just what the name suggests. They are not built to stay in the ground permanently. Rather they can be erected quickly and provide the solution that is not only cost effective, but also environmentally friendly. Here are some additional details on the benefits and types of portable buildings.

Benefits of Portable Buildings

Today’s portable buildings offer business owners a number of great benefits. When it comes to portable buildings, the environmental footprint is drastically reduced compared to a traditional structure. No ground displacement is required and buildings that are equipped with electricity and HVAC systems are typically engineered to make the most out of the power they have.” An eco-friendly construction is also a cost effective one, a definite benefit for budget-conscious businesses.

Cost is an overall benefit of portable structures. It costs far less to construct them than a traditional and permanent building, providing businesses with the operating space they need without compromising their budget. There are also far fewer labour costs associated with constructing a portable building, which makes this one of the most cost-effective solutions for securing added business space. Plus, if you need you space created quickly, portable buildings can be constructed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a permanent structure with a foundation.

Types of Portable Buildings

Business owners have various options when it comes to portable building space. Temporary buildings are typically constructed to support the business for anywhere from a few months to three years. Climate and duration of use will necessarily impact the type of material you choose for the construction of your permanent building. While insulation can be an issue with these types of constructions, they can generally be secured to any ground surface and come in vast array of sizes to suit a business’s needs.

An interim or semi-permanent building is ideal for businesses that require the space to last for roughly seven years. These structures are energy-efficient, easy to construct quickly, and provide considerable stability. More durable materials are also used to construct these portable buildings.

A permanent steel building is usually designed to function more than three years. Extremely cost-effective, this solution is considered to be as secure as any other building, and, yet, it is still more expedient to construct than a traditional building.

If you are planning to launch a new business or you require more space for your current business at a reasonable price, you should look more closely at the benefits portable buildings can offer your business. Because these buildings are designed with effective technology and will function the way you need them to, you can safely include them in your business plan. The more you learn about these constructions, the more you are likely to see why so many businesses are choosing them today.


Antony Hunt has been the managing director of Smart Space for many years now. With much experience under his hat, he likes to share it by writing online. You can find his posts mostly on business, construction and environmental websites and blogs. Follow Anthony on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post! I remember studying in a portable building when I was in college and the school was undergoing construction. I can only imagine that they’d be a boon to a small business constructing a brick-and-mortar office. Yeah, they can be a little chilly sometimes and they could definitely be roomier, but it’s much better than trying to conduct your business out of your basement.

  2. I think portable buildings are a great idea and I hope they catch on quickly. I’ve seen a few of them before, usually at places like construction sites. I can see how they can be very useful, especially for large projects. They can set up a small office near the construction site that may take several years to do.