4 Ways Businesses can Leverage Smartphone for Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing
With a huge boom in smartphone ownership, these devices are now being used in more ways than ever imagined, especially in the marketing world. Smartphones are being used for more than just taking pictures or chatting with friends. Ignoring their marketing potential can cost you dearly in the future. Read on to find four ways you can take advantage of the booming smartphone industry to get your business out to more people.

1. Set up a Mobile Friendly Site
The first and most important part of a mobile marketing effort is making sure your website is mobile friendly. Nothing turns customers away like not being able to access your website easily or find the information they’re looking for, and without a specifically designed mobile site, customers may just see a jumble of disorganized information. Potential clients won’t know how to reach you, or what your services are, and if you’re a store, may skip out on purchasing an item because they can’t figure out the website. With your mobile website, make sure all the important information is easily accessible—you may want to weed out wordy intro paragraphs or extra graphics. If you’re a little more tech savvy and don’t want to mess with a website, getting an app made specifically for your store or business is an excellent move forward and can expand your clientele pool. Check out Perfecto Mobile to ensure your app and website are performing optimally on mobile devices.

2. Take Advantage of Interactive CTAs
Calls to action have been an integral part of marketing for decades, but the smartphone platform makes it easier for them to be interactive. Creating click-through calls to action that actually allow viewers to move from one action to another, such as clicking to be brought to the GPS page, or clicking to call the store, is an excellent way to move traffic seamlessly through your site. On smartphones with large screens, such as the iPhone 6s Plus, making the CTA a button helps keep it visible and easy to press for all sizes of fingers. These easy-to-use tools can help drive up traffic to your mobile site or app, in addition to making it easier for your clients to interact with your business.

3. Distribute Digital Coupons
Everyone loves coupons, but many are unsure how to get them, or don’t want to carry them around. Offering an app or mobile website that includes coupons is a great way to increase your clientele—even if it’s just a 10% off coupon or free goody bag if they purchase a service. Including these incentives digitally, where clients can just show their phone at the business or use it online without having to print anything out and keep track of paper, is a real plus for many customers. If you place advertisements online or in print, it’s definitely a good idea to point out this service to customers who may not be aware that you have an app or a mobile site. Coupons help to drive up customer and client traffic, both foot and digital, especially when they’re delivered easily with a positive message attached.

4. Pay Close Attention to Timing
Timing in the marketing world is everything, and it is especially important for businesses utilizing social media. Have a great breakfast special going on, but don’t get the word out until lunch? Not only will your customers be peeved that they missed out, but you just lost out on a whole wave of customers who would have been stimulated to go to your business if they had received the information in time. Consider downloading a social media management app if you don’t want to spend the time carefully planning out a posting schedule and sticking to it—many apps will handle all that for you. Attaching time-specific messages to posts is also a great idea. It shows customers you’re invested in your business, instead of just churning out generic messages that won’t catch their eye.

Using these four tips, you should have no problem getting your mobile marketing strategy over to smartphones in no time. Being conscientious about the types of messages you’re sending, your connectivity with clients, and the overall ease of accessing your business or store on a mobile device will be appreciated by all your customers.