4 Ways to Boost Your Business’ Facebook Page Exposure

Technology is a constant in the modern business world, and it is also one of the fastest changing assets every company has at its disposal. The arrival of social media has been a game changer for businesses to drive customer traffic to websites or brick and mortar stores. Facebook has long been the king of social media. Therefore, a well-designed Facebook page can be a huge source of revenue for any business looking to make a splash in exposure and marketing. There are plenty of tips to help boost the exposure of the Facebook page of an organization.

1. Make Sure It is Easy to Find
The internet is a crowded place with new pages, posts, and articles popping up every day. That being said businesses and business oriented people need to make sure their page is easy to find. For example, a search for Harry Dhaliwal’s profile yields a number of results, but making sure customers, fans, and suppliers find the right page is a matter of standing out. Luckily, the biography line of Facebook can easily differentiate the right page from the incorrect one, which means companies need to carefully enter the information to elevate exposure.

2. Use Pictures
People tend to be visual by nature, which means pictures and images are an important part of social media. Facebook offers a simple and efficient photo sharing system, and companies looking to harness the full capabilities of the social network should make it a point to include a number of great pictures on their page and in their newsfeed. Pictures generate likes, comments, and shares, which helps elevate the appeal of the page and the account.

3. Refer Customers to the Page
Many clients and customers simply are not aware of the social media efforts of companies thanks to the ever changing rules and design layouts of Facebook. By referring customers to the page with links in blog posts or on other webpages, businesses can more efficiently generate exposure for the page to keep those valuable resources in touch with company developments. Basically, businesses need to help customers find their page.

4. Post Meaningful Content
Instead of clogging the newsfeed of fans and anyone that has liked a page with general information, businesses and organizations need to be conscious of posting meaningful information to the official Facebook page. After all, posting relevant and insightful updates or sharing important articles opens the door for more users to engage with the page and seek out additional updates.

Facebook is a powerful source of marketing and exposure for any business due to the volume of users active on the social media site. By posting meaningful content, using pictures, and making the page easy to find, companies can take advantage of the revenue and exposure generating power of the site. Social media allows everyone to stay connected more than ever before, and companies that carefully curate the content appearing on their social sites are able to efficiently tap into the user base to help raise profits.

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