13 Best Companies to Work for in the Western United States

Best Workplaces
The following 13 businesses have proven they’re a remarkable place to work. According to Fortune, Google is still the best company to work for, but Google isn’t the only company that offers incredible benefits and competitive pay. The Western United States has number of cool, rewarding workplaces. You don’t have to sacrifice pay for a job you love. When you work for these companies, you truly get it all: competitive paychecks and a rewarding workplace.

  1. Crest Financial in Draper, Utah
  2. If you feel rewarded giving back, you’re going to love working for CrestFinancial.com. The company offers an in-home layaway to low-income individuals. The company offers “Easy to Quality, No Credit Score Needed” lending to merchant clients, so they can offer all their customers financing. For people with bad credit, this process provides them with the items they need but can’t immediately afford.

    Crest Financial refers to itself as “more than just a job,” and for good reason. Their building is beautifully designed (comfortable and modern). Moreover, the business is harvesting a “culture of passion and purpose.” Their motto is “Always providing more,” and to their employees they provide a more positive outlook and more help for building a better career.

  3. Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA
  4. Despite having nearly 200,000 employees, Kaiser Permanente recognizes every employee’s health as important. Groups are offered fitness challenges, and there’s multiple on-site fitness centers. Cafeterias partnered with Partnership for a Healthier America to offer healthier meals to employees. Kaiser Permanente cares enough to reimburse employees who ride a bike at work or shop in farmer’s markets.

  5. Walt Disney Co. in Burbank, CA
  6. With high salaries and a workplace driven by creativity, working for Walt Disney Co. is considered awesome by most current employees. Even ride operators triumph life at Disney. These low level employees are called “Cast Members,” and by and large their reviews on Glassdoor.com express happiness. Higher ups, such as financial analysts and others, also report good earnings and a fun workplace.

  7. Haiku Desk in Seattle, WA
  8. Seattle Business Magazine lists Haiku Desk as the #2 small business to work for in the city. The company is focused on creativity, and its philosophy is “Simple, beautiful, fun.” They’re hiring, so if you share their mission of desiring a world full of “beautiful stories and ideas,” go ahead and apply.

  9. The Venetian | The Palazzo in Las Vegas, NV
  10. According to TopWorkPlaces.com, The Venetian | The Palazzo is the best place to work in Las Vegas. “I can work in a non-stressful environment; I’m appreciated and encouraged to make my team the best they can be,” wrote one employee. “The benefits are great.” Most employees agree it’s the attitude and benefits that make The Venetian a great place to work.

  11. Capitol Auto Group in Salem, Oregon
  12. Salem has a number of large businesses (more than 100 employees), but the auto dealership is the highest rated. Team members report that management is friendly and helpful, pay is good, and overall it’s a great place to work.

  13. QuikTrip Corp. in Phoenix, AZ
  14. According to Phoenix Business Journal, the best place to work in the city is QuikTrip Corp. The company that offers food on the go to hurried travelers, also offers “intangible quality” to dependable employees.

  15. Starwood Hotel St. Regis Aspen Resort in Denver, CO
  16. With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, it’s no surprise that the Starwood Hotel St. Regis Aspen Resort was rated a top workplace in Denver, CO. The location alone is enough to inspire happiness from employees, but comprehensive benefit packages don’t hurt either. What do benefits include? Oh, the standard fare plus five free nights in the hotel and a free ski pass.

  17. DirecTV in Western USA
  18. DirecTV has locations all of the west. With more than 1,000 employee reviews, it’s amazing the company has managed to maintain a four star employer rating. This is unusually high rating for such a large company. It’s due to the job’s culture, as well as compensation, benefits, and job work-life balance.

  19. Redfish Technology in Milpitas, CA and Hailey, Idaho
  20. Redfish Technology is so popular amongst its employees, they actually voted for the company to win an award. The company is ranked among the best places to work in Idaho because its employees nominated and voted.

  21. Better Business Bureau of the Snake River Region, Idaho
  22. With a name like Better Business Bureau, it better provide better business (especially to its employees). It seems they absolute do because the company’s employees voted to have the business listed on the best places to work in Idaho list. Just as BBB sets standards for other businesses, it embraces those standards for itself.

  23. Underground Elephant in San Diego, CA
  24. From A Magazine: “For CEO Jason Kulpa, emphasizing ‘culture over profit’ is what it’s all about. He believes that promoting good values and having the office feel like family is most important.” Not only are team members encouraged to volunteer, they’re also encouraged to continue their education through training and employee development programs.

  25. Google in Mountain View, CA
  26. Saved the best for last… Out of all the jobs in the country (not just the West), Google is ranked as the number one best place to work. This is due to the unique décor of Googleplex (the office building), and the culture of innovation the company inspires. Overall, you’d have to be really lucky to land a job at Google, but if you do congratulations – you’ve got one of the best jobs in the country.