What Personality Traits are a Good Fit for Career in Sales?

Sales Jobs
Have you always fancied a career in sales? These roles can be ideal for people who enjoy meeting others and who feel passionate about promoting products and services. Even if you’re attracted to this line of work though, you may not be sure if it would really suit you. To give you a clearer idea of what’s required, here are a few of the personality traits that could help to make you the perfect fit for these positions.

Great Listening Skills

We all know that sales specialists need to be effective when it comes to giving great presentation to prospective customers. However, it’s not a one-way process. The best sales experts are also great listeners. By asking consumers pertinent questions and showing a genuine interest in their responses, these specialists stand a much better chance of having successful interactions. Someone who understands the significance of this issue is industry expert Chris Niarchos, chairman and founder of the Cobra Group of Companies and Appco Group, which includes Appco UK. His appreciation of the importance of meaningful customer interactions led him to develop the Human Commercial™. This describes an interactive, personalised approach to direct sales that is about respecting potential customers and providing them with the best possible experiences.

Willingness to Learn

Lacking information and sounding unsure of the facts when you’re trying to sell a product or service is a recipe for disaster. Consumers want to know that they are being provided with all the relevant information before they make purchases. This means that you’ll need to have detailed knowledge of each product or service you sell. You should be offered all the training and support you need to acquire the facts, but it’s up to you to take advantage of this and to put it to good use.


Sales is not the sort of work that lets you get away with being lazy. Your earnings will depend on your success and you might have certain targets you need to meet on a regular basis. This means you have to be prepared to put in the necessary hard work. As long as you enjoy your role though and get a buzz from your interactions with customers and from your sales successes, you shouldn’t struggle to motivate yourself.

If the above points apply to you, it’s well worth looking into a career in sales. This work could be the perfect fit for your personality.

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