3 Efficient Ways to Take Care of Your Shop Floor

Shop floor
A manufacturing workspace can be dangerous as well as expensive to repair and maintain if it is not taken care of properly. As a small business owner it may be tempting for you to save money by taking few shortcuts and neglect routine repairs and maintenance. However, a penny saved today can turn into a pretty big expense in terms of major repair or maintenance or, even worse, injury on the shop floor resulting in a lawsuit. This is why proper caring for your workspace in the shop floor is very important whether you are in manufacturing business or operate a warehouse. Below are three tips that can help you save money in the long run by taking preventative care today

1. Hire Managers
As a small business owner it can be tempting to think you can handle everything on your own. While you might be able to wear more than one hat successfully if you know your industry, the fact is that you can’t do the job of five people.

One place you really need to seek help is floor management. A good floor manager can take a huge amount off your plate and allow you to focus on running the company behind the scenes. There’s no reason for you to be spending your time on the floor watching over employees. That’s the job of a manger – and one that probably knows even better than you how the floor should be operating.

2. Pay Janitorial Staff
This might seem obvious, but many small business owners don’t have janitorial staff that routinely cleans the floor in a workshop. That can lead to accidents and machinery that gets damaged quickly. Pay janitorial staff after each day to take care of basic cleaning.

3. Get Regular Machinery Inspections
Even if you have maintenance staff on hand, items like Miltek compactors and balers need to be checked out by people who understand and can repair your machinery. Otherwise you might find yourself with expensive machines that don’t work as well as they should. Look for a company that will do regular inspections. Sometimes all you really need is somebody to check out your machinery on an annual basis to keep it running efficiently. Remember, machines that aren’t efficient are going to cost you more money in the long run as well.