Express Yourself – Ways to Give Your Small Business Personality

Window Display
Getting attention from customers is something that all new businesses strive for. The brand identity that is established can be built upon, but if not managed carefully can actually be damaging. Building a brand doesn’t always have to come with a huge budget, as there are many cost-effective ways that can help build a brand. Here are some ways to do this and get noticed by customers

Signage or Banners
Showing personality in a small business’s signage or banner is extremely important, especially in a small town. People should be able to tell at a glance from signs or vinyl banners what a business does or provides. This can be one of the best marketing tools in a town where everyone knows everyone. Having updated and new signage shows pride in a business, as old faded signs might show character but they also show neglect from the business owners or staff. A prominent sign or banner can make a business get noticed quickly and even build rapport. Funny quips or a saying on a banner or sign can help humanize a business, which can improve its customer loyalty down the line.

Impressive Window Displays
A quirky window display or decorations for a certain holiday can create a buzz in small towns. Not only will this help save on the marketing budget, but funny or impressive decorations for each holiday will have people flocking to your window and coming into your store. If quirky doesn’t fit your business, then displaying something other than your products might be the best way to go. Most people know the product a business provides so placing something like children’s art for an annual competition will help bring favor to a small business.

Sponsor an Event
Getting a business noticed in a small town environment means the business has to be engaged with the community regularly. Sponsored events could be local fundraisers or something of that nature. Providing food and drinks for these can help boost business, and the fact that it can be written off as charity makes sponsoring an event look better in many small business owners’ minds. If your business doesn’t want to sponsor an event, at least having a tent or booth at most events helps bring exposure as well.

Build Relationships with Other Businesses
Building rapport with other local businesses is important because if you’re associated with other reputable local businesses, customers will feel they can trust you rather than be skeptical. Offering discounts to other business owners might lead to discounts for the business or owners. Many businesses will ask to keep flyers in your lobby or leave cards behind, but make sure that this is a reciprocal relationship and that they have your flyers in their businesses as well.

It won’t be easy to get a business noticed right away, but with the correct steps it can be done. Build a brand to be proud of and get noticed for the right reasons. This will impact a business immensely, so use these tips to get noticed by your customers!