How can Small Business Owners Protect Their Business with Latest Cameras

Video Surveillance Camera
There have been a lot of upgrades in the security camera business over the past decade or so.  Part of that is because advanced cameras were developed for recent wars- and then the capabilities that they possessed were ported to the civilian version as time went on. Owners who wish to install cameras in their business therefore have several directions that they can move in to upgrade.  Here are some of the top current choices:

Infrared:  Although they have traditionally cost a little bit more, infrared cameras are one of the strongest theft deterrents because they can be used in so many ways to detect criminal activity.  To begin with, they can help you see better at night because the view that is created is not impeded like a regular camera lens would be.  In addition, because infrared can pickup the differences in temperature change from far away, it is possible for them to be set to detect temperature changes that will capture movement by people that are trained to evade traditional cameras.

Sensors and Directional Sound:  If you would like to augment your capabilities, one of the most popular ways to do so in California is to use sophisticated sensors, business cameras, and directional sound to create a scare zone for would-be robbers.  The system normally uses the sensors to locate burglars while the cameras record and directional sound is used to hammer the would-be trespasser.  In most cases, security companies that sell their services to your company will be instantly alerted by the system in case it detects motion.  The system will then use the Internet to allow you or your security people to talk to the intruder if you choose.

In most cases, the blend of false voices, different sound frequencies that debilitate intruders, and sophisticated, yet cheap sensors will give you a technological edge over any other system that is on the market.  One important thing to remember, however, is that if you hit people with sound and they never enter your property or do anything illegal right next to it, you will be liable if your system interferes with them.  This has already proven to be a problem in California for some companies.  So make certain that you talk to local authorities about your rights before go completely operational.  Another good idea with this type of system is to ensure that you have a stringent data security policy in place because there have been instances of thieves connecting to and taking over this type of system.

Radar-driven:  Although there is plenty of opposition to using radar to track humans, it is happening more and more often on the nation’s highways.  Cars are now built to be able to see where there might be a problem up ahead by scanning the cars in a line ahead of drivers.  As that technology becomes more sophisticated and less-expensive, entrepreneurs have started looking at using radar-driven cameras as an after-hour solution for corporate campuses. The idea is that if no one is around, there cannot be any real cancer risk over time that may adversely affect employees.

The positive side of using radar to track potential security problems is that it can find things that your camera system will have a difficult time locating.  In fact, other than being potentially harmful to humans when they are actually at work, the only real downside to radar is that it is possible to jam or deflect it by using other radar.  Believe it or not, this is something that Tesla was talking about when they upgraded their latest automatic driving feature on their luxury cars.  They did not come out and say that the well-known accident in Florida was determined to be because of external radar interference.  On the other hand, since that is a primary area they worked on in the first upgrade after the accident, it is a good idea for companies that want to have a radar system detect intruders and point their cameras to ensure that the radar system that they do purchase has already factored in countermeasures that may be used against it by intruders- so that they can deploy a product that will not be affected.

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