5 Creative Product Launch Ideas for Event Organizers

Whenever famous brands such as Sony or Coke want to launch their products, they do not simply ship the products to different shop outlets. These corporate giants use a product launch event. This is a way of formally announcing a product to a specific group of consumers. Developing new products is not as daunting a task as launching it. After all the success or failure of the product in the market is largely dependent on the launch after it has already been developed. Follow these 5 product launch ideas to make it a successful event.

  1. Timing

Timing is a key component of a product launch marketing plan. Beware of the best and worst times to launch a product. For example, in Europe, summer is a bad time to launch a product since most of the people are vacationing. Furthermore, the product you are releasing will influence the date of release. Launching of consumer electronics or toys is mostly done during the holiday season.

Professional talent promotion agencies usually withdraw from events that involve an immature product. You are better of rescheduling than debuting products that are not ready to be consumed by the public. Your competition is always ready to capitalize on any mistake you make.

  1. Purpose

The reason for a product launch is not necessarily for exposure but also to reach a target audience that will be willing to buy your product. Successful product launch promotion ideas have concrete goals- sales, consumer awareness, product distribution, or media coverage. When you know your direction, you are able to focus on the event you will have. The three main types of events are trade events, media events, and consumer events.

During trade events, invite key industry icons like editors or analysts of publications. In media events, educate members of the media (editors and reporters) who have to review your product through a press conference. In consumer events or butlers events and staging, you have a chance to introduce your product to new and old consumers.

Ensure you do not host a single event to cater for multiple audiences. It is important to be very specific and keep your targeted audience narrow.

  1. Venue

When planning a product launch, you intend for your audience to easily be able to reach the venue of the event. You should also select a location that reflects your product. Creative product launch ideas take into consideration where an event will be hosted. Your location talks a lot about your promotional staff, brand, and company. If your target market is not for the high class, do not choose a sophisticated venue. Your location also depends on the size of your company, the size of your product, and the money you are willing to spend on the launch.

  1. Experience

One of the main considerations that talent promotional agencies will make when planning a product launch, is to create an event that the audience will relish. You should not so much as marketing yourself but giving your target consumers a valuable product that appeals to them.

If your event targets the media, ensure you offer them information to help them perform their tasks effectively. If you are targeting consumers, ensure they experience what you are offering and also highlight offers such as discounts or freebies. You should make your product look different from those presented by your competition.

  1. Hire Promotional Models

Promotional models will help you reach a great audience without incurring a high cost. They are critical in communicating your message before your potential consumers in an inviting and warm manner. Models represent the human face that your brand requires to succeed in a competitive marketplace. According to a promotional model agency in Australia, there are many types of promo staff. A successful event organizer knows how to use models to represent potential buyers. The models stand for the kind of person the consumer will imagine that the product will make them. Models are living sculptures and commercial dramatists, the brand ambassadors who directly reach out to consumers in a unique manner.

A product launch is a crucial time in the final phase of a new product. Although it is stressful, if done right, it could lead to immense returns. A proper plan and execution, ensures that things are started off correctly and guarantees a bright future for your product.