How to Secure Business Premises with Additional Security Lighting

With rising number of computer hacking incidents all the attention is being paid to computer security of businesses. While there is a definite need for online security you should not forget the security of your buildings as well. It is equally damaging if you lose precious items from inside the building instead of online data. You also need to pay attention to the security of your employees who work in the building. Recent incidents of gun violence in the U.S. has increased the need for heightened physical security in and around the building. One of the easiest way to provide this security is by installing security lights to ensure that there is sufficient lighting in all the areas of the building so that the criminals do not take advantage of the darkness to harm your business. There are some important factors you should keep in mind when thinking about installing the security lighting.


Where you install the lighting plays an important role in preventing theft and violence. You should ensure that the following areas are properly illuminated at all times.

  1. Premise surroundings
  2. Roads leading to the business premise
  3. Parking areas
  4. Vehicle entrances
  5. Employee and visitor entrances
  6. Loading docks
  7. Outhouses and other surrounding sheds

Types of Lighting

When it comes to security lighting one size does not fit all. Different areas require different types of lighting. For example, 100-watt high pressure sodium lighting schemes are often used for perimeters and car parks. This is because these arrays provide a space with a reasonable colour rendition and realistic uniform illumination, even when fog descends around a site.

On the other hand, metal halide is recommended for entrances and check points near your premises. This is because metal halide light emulates the daylight and hence helps recognize and inspect individuals, vehicles and other objects easily.

The table below shows what type of lighting is suitable for various locations mentioned above.

  1. Premise surroundings – Choose lighting with lux level of 5
  2. Roads leading to the business premise – Choose lighting with lux level between 5 and 20
  3. Parking areas – Choose lighting with lux level between 2 and 20
  4. Vehicle entrances – Choose higher level of lighting with lux level of 100
  5. Employee and visitor entrances – Choose lighting with lux level of 50
  6. Loading docks – Choose lighting lux level of 160
  7. Outhouses and other surrounding sheds – Choose highest lux level of 300

As you can see different locations require different level of lighting to keep stay effective. No matter what type of security lighting you opt for it is important to ensure that it does not interfere with CCTV systems. If the lighting is too bright right in front of the CCTV camera it will not help identify suspicious activity. It is also important to consult security specialist such as 2020 Vision to make sure that the security lighting will serve its purpose.

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