Why Small Businesses Needs to Have a Blog

Blogging in the sense of businesses today is extremely important and is fast becoming one of the most important ways for businesses to connect and keep their audiences engaged. This is obviously due to the need for people to seek information through the Internet, which has revolutionised the way in which businesses feel that they need to project and engage with customers or prospective customers. Below we talk more about some of the very important reasons that businesses should be blogging regularly.

Blogging creates authority for businesses

By blogging, you create credibility for your business and reinforce your knowledge as experts in the field that your business operates in. It really doesn’t matter what your area of expertise is, it may even be something like stationery and your business sells magazine racks. You could create interesting content that pushes people to associate with your brand. For example, a blog post like “What will stationery look like in the future”. There are so many options to consider and any business can blog to reinforce their authority on particular topics and become a known brand.

You also gain the trust of people visiting your website and it can encourage them to buy from you or at least make the first contact. Can you remember a time when you saw a website selling something with no social media presence like a blog, Facebook or Twitter? I am sure you were skeptical of buying something from one of these websites and even doubted its legitimacy. By keeping active on social media, your business shows that it is current, legitimate and trustworthy.

Website traffic and SEO benefits

Another huge benefit of blogging is that if you have relevant content you will get great targeted traffic. The best thing is that the people that come across your site are searching for the information that you have and could potentially make a purchase or use your service from simply engaging with your brand through a blog post.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is also a great benefit of blogging, because the more relevant content you have, the better you will rank in search engines. This brings in the organic website traffic that we talked about above.

Blogging generates leads

Because of the increased activity on your website, you can of course generate better leads that you can help through the sales funnel and convert into paying customers. We also mentioned before that these are targeted people that already have some interest in your product or at least your field of expertise. These people are much easier to convert into paying customers compared to people that have no interest in the product at all and randomly come across your page.

It is a great way to engage with customers

Blogging isn’t just about posting useful information to read, it can also help you to engage with customers and really learn more about them. You can do this through managing comments that people make on the blog itself or on social media channels. This teaches businesses about what customers like, don’t like and the pain points that they feel. It is a good way to learn, but to answer any questions that customers may have and perhaps help them to make the decision to invest in your brand.