Infographic: Challenges of Email Marketing Strategy for the Modern Marketer

The constantly evolving world of marketing means that the marketers have to stay on their toes at all times to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes across the industry. There really is no time to sit back and reflect on your latest successful campaign, you have to come right back with another, even more successful campaign using your marketing expertise and research.

If you don’t have the time to master all of the latest trends, we have summarized them in this infographic which outlines the 7 main email marketing strategy challenges that marketers face and provides some useful tips on how to combat these challenges.

This valuable insight shows that 44% of marketers stated that increasing engagement rates was the Number 1 challenge. For those who think that email marketing is past its sell by date, you may also be surprised to find that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. Hashtag that!

Challenges of Email Marketing