Infographic: Fight the World’s Greatest Enemy in Your New Job

Well, first let’s think about who or rather, what the greatest enemy is. We think, out of the worst things in the world, cancer certainly takes the top spot. It’s believed that around one out of two people will suffer from cancer at some point in their lifetime. While many of these cases will lead to recovery, others will ultimately be fatal. If you are looking for a new career you can thinking about joining the battle against cancer. You can do this by working in the medical industry.

Get Your Degree

If you are still young or willing to dedicate a few later years to training, you can become a fully licensed doctor. As a doctor, you will be able to help save lives and make sure that your patients get the best chance when fighting a disease like cancer. You will also be able to devise treatment options and complete procedures to eradicate tumors from the body.

Head into Research

Alternatively, you may want to think about working in research. As a researcher, you will be at the forefront of the fight against cancer. You will be testing drugs, developing new treatments and using the funding to further cancer research.

Work as a Nurse

Finally, you can train to become an oncology nurse. Oncology nurses work with patients to help them come to terms and cope with a cancer diagnose. They also put the treatment plan a doctor formulates into practice and ensures that patients are looked after emotionally and physically. You can find out more about becoming one of these nurses in the following infographic.


Career in Oncology


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