3 Ways to Market a Non-Viral Product

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Digital marketers know the power of social media. They work hard to create campaigns that will go viral. The reach of social sharing is immense – if leveraged properly.

But what happens when you are trying to market a non-viral product? You already know you have a solid customer base. You now your product will succeed in the market. But you also know you don’t have much chance of your customers sharing those products.

Here’s an example: men’s skincare products. Brickell Men’s Products has had to develop a creative approach to digital marketing. Because most guys are not about to share their skincare routines with the world on social media.

Here’s how Brickell and other companies been able to find e-commerce success – even without a viral marketing approach. Emulate their techniques to find success.

  1. Focus on Email, Not Social

Many e-commerce businesses devote most of their marketing efforts to social media. But if you’re working with a non-viral product, you’ve got to take a different approach.

Make email marketing your main focus. Build your subscriber list by offering discounts, promoting giveaways, and similar methods. Then, create a series of drip campaigns that will directly appeal to your subscribers – whether they be customers or prospects.

For example, imagine a new prospect has signed up for your email list. Immediately respond with a welcome email that includes a discount offer. Follow up with information on your popular products and another discount offer. This personalized, direct approach will work better than any social marketing efforts.

  1. Educate Customers

Do not underestimate your target customers. They may not want to share your products on social. But they want more information on your products and how they will be of benefit.

Brickell has put a major emphasis on educating customers through their blog and the Grooming Manual. Instead of a direct marketing message, they answer common questions guys have about skincare and men’s grooming.

Do the same for your prospective customers. Share information about your products and industry. Give helpful tips with an indirect marketing message. This will establish your company as trustworthy and reliable – leading to brand loyalty and long term success.

  1. Work with Influencers

Influencers will help promote your products for you. They can be bloggers, social influencers, or brands in adjacent industries. Here are two ways influencers can help market your non-viral product:

Reviews: Bloggers and social influencers can review your products. These posts will attract new customers and answer their common questions. In some cases, you can have your products reviewed for free – all you have to do is send the reviewer a sample.

Giveaways: Offer your products in a giveaway that attracts email subscribers and new customers. To generate more buzz, work with brands in adjacent industries. For example, Brickell has found success with this method – especially when working with menswear brands.

Make Non-Viral Marketing Successful

You may not see your products go viral on social media anytime soon. But you can have sustainable growth and e-commerce success. Use these tips to develop a smart approach to marketing your non-viral products.


Author Bio: David Porter is Marketing Director for Brickell Men’s Products – high performing natural skincare and grooming products for men.