8 Actions You Can Take to Make the Workplace Delightful

Your workplace is where you spend most of the time during the day. It is imperative that you love your workplace and feel at ease when working, otherwise you will feel like your day is dragging along at a slow pace. No wonder companies like Google and Facebook spend lot of effort and money in creating a fun workplace where employees love to go and spend time. You don’t have to spend large sums of money to achieve similar results. There are few small tweaks you can make to your workplace that will make it a delight to go to the workplace every day. Below we highlight those small actions you can take.

Keeping It Clear

One of the very best things you can do for yourself at work is to stay tidy. Ask yourself if you need all of the paper you have lying around the place. If it is possible for your workstation to go paperless then this is something that you should be doing because the saying is true- tidy space equals a tidy mind. If you can’t go completely paperless then seriously consider cutting it down as much as you can. This also applies to the digital side of the organisation too, make sure everything has its place on your digital system, it gets rid of all the stress of not knowing where anything is!

Changing Your Anchor Points

The best way to be productive is to be surrounded by a comfortable, yet serious environment. One of the ways you can update your space is to change up your office furniture. If you go for a change in computer desks, you will get the most options. As they are such an important part of the setup- you have to look at them all day! Going for something like a new desk would change the whole atmosphere into a new, inspiring place where you can show off your creativity!

It Really Is the Smallest Things That Make All the Difference

If you’re not quite ready for a massive change, have a look at these little things you can do for some inspiration:

  1. Getting some new stationary would shake up your usual routine!
  2. Getting some chalkboards on the walls, helping you visually experience your work, writing down your planning is so important.
  3. Soft furnishing changes everything- new curtains and pillow update your office look, and they can be changed seasonally!
  4. Create a storage system that feels unique to you (throw away the old mug you chuck your pens in)
  5. Bring your computer up to your eye level. You can buy stands for laptops but even just putting it on a few books will work too. You want to get rid of the neck stress!
  6. A new plant brings new (actual) life! It will give you something to do in your office that just gives you a few minutes break from the daily struggles. Make sure to do your research on what plants are office appropriate.
  7. Lighting is so vital to how you feel and how productive you can be. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a space near a window then definitely make sure you have a lamp or some lighting, so you don’t ever feel too cut off from the outside.
  8. Coffee is one of the biggest parts of many working days for most people! Make sure you feel right at home by having a coffee machine near you that always has your favorite coffee in supply!

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