3 Tools to Solve Unique Everyday Problems

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Smartphones have made great progress in making our everyday life efficient and simple. There are number of websites and apps out there that delivering solutions to mundane problems in order to make life just that smidge more convenient. And not all of these are as frivolous as they might seem! These apps and websites could potentially help you drastically lower your expenses as well. Let’s look at the latest online technological developments that have been helping to solve first world problems.

  1. Wikicamps Australia

    Available on iOS, Android and the Windows Phone platforms, Wikicamps caters to those people who just decide, in the spur of the moment, to pack up their gear and get away from the city now, but have trouble thinking of a place to actually go to. The app provides a database of the major campsites in Ausralia. When it was launched, the makers of the app had resorted to using the database they had compiled themselves by taking two full trips around the country. Since then, the app has become user generated, meaning that app users can upload campsites they’ve visited online as well.

    At its launch, the entire Wikicamps database comprised of 2,000 sites and since then has expanded to more than 20,000 sites. The app also provides amazingly comprehensive and detailed information about the amenities you’ll find at a campsite, as well as aspects like mobile coverage or Information Centres. Additionally, users can leave site reviews and photos, so you can really make an informed choice even when you’re leaving in the spur of the moment.

  2. Clipp

    Clipp is an answer to the ever present problem of leaving your credit card behind the bar during a night out. It’s available on both iOS and Android, and is an app that really speaks to a thirsty nation. Instead of you having to take your credit card with you in order to place at the bar, you can simply use Clipp to flash a signal to the bartender. Then you can get comfortable as drinks get added to your tab. Once you use your phone to close the tab, the accompanying PayPal account will be used to pay it off, and your receipt will be automatically emailed to you. Plus, you even get redeemable points for using the system!

    The app is an acceptable way of opening and closing a tab at 650 Australian bars and restaurants. Since its inception, the app has met with considerable success, which has led it to expand its services. Now you can split bills with Clipp, and even make use of last-minute deals!

  3. Points Bank

    If you’re a frequent flyer, there’s a good chance you’ve got points scattered all over various loyalty programs. These can get pretty messy to keep track of, which is where Points Bank comes in. It allows the user to access and manage all of their loyalty programs grouped together in a single place with just one login. It connects your loyalty programs so you can see the balance of each program along with updates and a detailed activity statement.

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