How to Provide Health Insurance to Employees without Spending a Fortune

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For small business owners hiring and retaining best employees is crucial. Your best employees can help you grow the business to new heights and compete effectively in the market. It is paramount for you to offer best salary and benefit package to your employees so that your business remains preferred place to work. One of the most sought-after benefits by employees today is health insurance. When you consider rising cost of healthcare in the U.S. it is not surprising that employees want the safety and security of health insurance that employers provide. That is why small business owners should be concerned about health of their employees and provide health insurance that is economical and easy to use.

While small business owners understand the importance of offering health insurance and want to provide it to their employees many of them find it confusing and time consuming. The myriad of choices available in the market along with the knowledge you need to understand all the options and nuances makes it nearly impossible for them to navigate the maze of health insurance. Many of them eventually give up in frustration and end up choosing a plan that doesn’t meet their needs or costs too much. The end result is unhappy employees who don’t get what they want, and unhappy employers who have to allocate large part of their budget to health insurance.

What if you could take advantage of technology and have an easy to understand options that you can choose from simply with a click of the mouse? Not only will you end up spending less time and effort in understanding and choosing a plan, but you will also be able to pick one that fits your and employees’ needs. UnitedHealthcare has come up with a solution that provides exactly that. They have created an online tool and shopping experience that allows small business owners to navigate various options and choose health care plan that best fits their needs. The simple 4-step process described below makes healthcare insurance purchase easy and pain free.

  1. Review available plans based on your location and either choose a standard plan or customize one that fits your needs
  2. Submit employee information to get pricing based on their demographic information
  3. Set pricing for your employees to pay
  4. Checkout and purchase the plan

As you can see this simple 4-step process can help small business owners find the right plan for employees without spending significant time and effort.

How did UnitedHealthcare managed to accomplish this? They performed research to understand the pain points of small business owners in choosing healthcare plan and tailored the shopping experience to alleviate those pain points. Here are the insights into their shopping experience that makes it easy for small business owners.

  • They designed the plan and website specifically for small business owners with 2-50 employees
  • The website provides all the necessary details about various options in easy to understand format
  • It helps small business owners navigate through various options and make decisions fast. 20 minutes is all takes to select the right plan on an average

In addition to online shopping experience, they also looked at the difficulties experienced by business owners during selection process and tailored their approach:

  • They do not employ any pressure tactics to force small business owners in choosing a particular plan. The employers are able to review all the information and choose the plan that best fits their needs
  • They also provide support throughout the selection process with coverage advisors and other helpful online resources

Here is what some of the uses and current customers have to say about their plans and website:

Pricing was identified as another critical factor by small business owners in selecting the health plan. They addressed the pricing concern by offering flexibility:

  • Small business owners can find the exact price they will have to pay by providing basic information about their business and employees
  • They can choose how much employees will contribute towards health insurance

As a small business owners you have many things to worry about. Choosing a health insurance should not be one of them. Choose the plan that fits your needs without having to spend a fortune by visiting UnitedHealthcare at


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