Hire the Right Salesperson with Online Assessment Testing

When you send out a call for job applications, you’re looking for more than someone to fill an open seat. Yet with such high employee turnover in industries like sales, it seems that scrambling to cover a position happens all too often. It’s important to keep in mind that the wrong hire may not only cost the company revenue of their part, but having an employee that can’t sell can hurt the morale of your team, and their chances for finding success.

When you employ someone who has the ability to hold their own, and to motivate the rest of the team, an energy develops in the workplace. Salespeople enter the office ready and excited to get on a call, discuss strategy, collaborate on an initiative, and meet their targets with enthusiasm. The workplace comes alive when strong sales personalities come to bat everyday, and all share the load. When there is high turnover, employees are less likely to invest their energies into working together. Salespeople develop “me” mentalities and this disconnection and isolation does come through when they’re talking to or meeting with clients.

While part of creating a strong sales team concerns what an employee can accomplish individually, it’s also about how their style stimulates the work of those around them. The positive impact is even greater when trust is fostered among the team, owing to the reliability of each member. If you’re a manager who replaces members of their team every 6 months, you are costing your company more than what that one role can offer.

Hire a competent salesperson who will remain with your company for the foreseeable future by implementing what is known as sales assessment testing into your job application process. This test is available through providers like SalesTestOnline and it takes the guesswork out of the hiring process. It shows you plainly how likely a candidate is to be successful by measuring qualities like assertiveness, sociability, motivational style, and dependence (to name a few). You can compare to a target profile created by analyzing the needs of your position, or a profile derived from testing your existing team to see how well a new candidate will suit their ways of working.

Interviewing applicants for a sales position can be hit or miss, however this test, created by industrial psychologists, has a 90% accuracy rate and a 97% reorder rate. Countless companies have found the tool to be instrumental to their hiring practises particularly when previously, they were going into the hiring process blind which posed significant risks for their enterprise. Implementing the test also saves both you and a prospective candidate valuable time, as it only takes 10 minutes to complete with results available immediately.

Invite only those with a strong sales style to join your team and you’ll see how they set the bar not only for themselves but for others, improving the culture or your workplace, the overall attitudes of your team, and the satisfaction of your customers as a result.

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