5 Tips to Make Your App the Next Big Thing

With smart phones becoming a rage across generations, a mobile app is the most convenient way to reach your customers and create interest in the potential ones. However, in order to make it big, you have to ensure that the uptake is steadily rising and glitches are as less as possible. Being honest, making your app to be the next big thing does not require a genius mind- all it requires are finances to be plugged in at the right time, the right idea, a good mobile app developer and an impactful marketing strategy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while designing a mobile app to reap maximum benefit:

  1. Simplicity is the key

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Keep the design simple but perceptive and definitely clutter-free. Packing too many features on the same page may not be a pleasant welcome to your customer. At the same time, leaving crucial information out of sight will not serve the purpose. The key is to choose the right image, correct font type and colors, keeping in mind your target audience.

  1. Cater to all types of smart phones

iPhones are a symbol of technological excellence but remember a majority of users are on Android and other platforms. Design your app in a way so that it is available on all app stores and compatible with all phone types to ensure maximum reach. Use an across-the-board keyboard strategy as well as an app publishing tool and app store optimisation to make the best use of an app store.

  1. Smart marketing is the shot in the arm

Set aside a good part of your budget for marketing and promotions so that your app gets the attention among the motley of programmes. You can start with a beta programme for early users and upgrade gradually. You may also introduce referral programmes, or make interesting videos for commercials. Launching a commercial before the app inauguration is a good idea to spread the word and grab eyeballs. Do not shy away from paid advertisements and app installation ads – it redirects users to your app on the app store, and thus, helps increasing downloads.

  1. Explore lesser-known markets

Designing an app for the US market can give access to a large number of users, but going down to Latin America will get you to a market with less competitors. According to statistics, the volume of app installation required to enter the top 25 in the US is about 30 times higher than countries like Mexico. Carry out a comprehensive market research to weigh your options before you venture into unchartered areas.

  1. Analyse results to assess app performance

If you do not improve on the existing product, soon your breakthrough product will become obsolete. Keep an eye on the performance of your app in key areas – Daily Active Users (DAU), findability, engagement, retention, and performance are the most important ones. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Cost per Install (CPI), Return on Investment (ROI), Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and Retention Rate. Track the metrics and analyse regularly; if needed, use an additional analytic platform along with App Analytics to fine tune the results.

Designing and launching a mobile app is no longer a task. However, it is important to identify and avoid the pitfalls that can potentially prick the bubble.

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