What Options are Available for Short-term Cash Needs

If you need to borrow money, you may be wondering what options are available to you. Of course, it will depend upon what you need the money for, and how much money you need. Other factors, depending upon the type of loan and lender, include such things as your credit report, and the type of security you are offering the lender for the loan. The following are a few reasons you may need money, and the type of loan that may be best for you.

You’re short of cash until payday

This happens to everybody. An unexpected expense occurs, and you don’t know where you will get the money. All you need is a quick loan, and you will be able to pay it back when you get paid. You could try and get a loan from a relative or a friend, but this type of borrowing can hurt relationships. What you need is a payday loan. This type of loan is designed to be an advanced on your next paycheck. One great advantage of this loan is that it doesn’t require good credit. All you need is a steady job with an income that is verified. The lender doesn’t require any collateral for this loan. It is your job that gives a lender confidence they will get their money back.

How does a payday loan work?

These are short term loans, usually for couple of weeks, but if you get paid once a month, there are some lenders that will extend the loan for 30 days. You do need to have a checking account. Most payday lenders like to deposit the money directly into your account, and this is very convenient for a borrower. Also, when payment is due, the amount will be taken directly from your checking account. There are lenders who will take a post-dated check, and then deposit it on the day you get paid. However, payment by a direct transfer is becoming more popular.

You want to buy a car

Car loans can vary with the interest that is charged, and this reflects your credit rating. In addition, your income becomes an issue. The more money you want to borrow, the more money a lender will require you to earn. Lenders will want you to put a down payment for the car, so they will finance a portion of the car’s value. For example, they may lend you 85 percent of the car’s value, so you will be responsible for the remaining 15 percent. This is to protect the lender in case you default on the loan. The car can be repossessed and sold to recover the some or all the outstanding balance of the loan.

The best time to shop for a car loan

Most people shop for a car first, and then look for financing. Often, they find out that they are not qualified for a loan for the car they want. It is for this reason that it is best to reverse the process. You should find out exactly how much money you qualify for, and then go shopping for a car that you can get a loan for. Of course, you can always buy something less than the maximum amount of the car loan you qualify for, but at least you will know which cars to pass on consideration. Pre-qualifying for a car loan is a big-time saver.

You want to take a vacation, but are short of cash

There is no reason to put off taking the vacation you want just because you are short of cash. You can get a personal loan, and then go have fun and relax on a much-needed vacation. A personal loan is an installment loan, so when you get back from your vacation, you will be making your first payment. These types of loans can often be financed for a few months, so you will have plenty of time to pay back the money.

Canada Loans can be compared online. There are several sites where you can fill out your request for a quote, and then you’re matched with one or more lenders. You can then compare these offers and decide on whether you want to borrow the money. The process is fast and convenient. It is also easy because you are only entering your information once. Otherwise, you would have to fill out an online form for every lender you wanted to apply to.