Infographic: Can You Run Your Entire Business from Mobile Device?

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous these days. It is hard to find anyone who doesn’t own a cell phone or a tablet. The mobile devices have also become ever so powerful. Today’s cell phone pack more powerful functions and features than an advanced computer used to have just 10 years ago. Is it any wonder that business owners are finding more and more use out of mobile devices? But, can you run your entire business just with the help of mobile device. Surprising as it maybe, here is an Infographic that shows how you can conduct many facets of business with the help of cell phone.


Guide to Running Your Business From Your Mobile Device


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  1. Can you? Probably.

    Should you? Well, let’s just say I’d probably die if I had to do literally everything from my smartphone. I mean, I love you, my smartphone, but you just can’t compete with a full keyboard and mouse.

    • SmallBizViewpoints says:

      You are right Shaun. There are some functions that are best suited for full fledged computer. The best approach is to combine both to get most out of them.