5 Tips for Choosing a Virtual Receptionist Service

For the very first time, a small company can project a corporate image, and thanks to digital technology, virtual office services bring a host of powerful tools for both small and large businesses. An established virtual office provider can give you a prestigious business address in the CBD, along with a local phone number that matches the address, and with a professional virtual receptionist answering all calls on your behalf, the image is complete. Many entrepreneurs take advantage of these services, yet there are still some that are unaware of the benefits that await, and with that in mind, here are just a few of the services you can expect with an established virtual office company.

  1. Stay Connected – You can have a professional receptionist answering all your calls, and by using your script and following your briefing, you are in total control. If your business happens to be based in Australia, you couldn’t do any better than the virtual receptionist service by Office HQ, a market leader with all the resources necessary to provide a premier service. The script would be designed with your company in mind, and the virtual receptionist would be well-versed in all your business activities, and as far as the caller is concerned, you have your own receptionist at your office.
  2. Project the Right Image – Most people look at a company’s registered address, and if it happens to be in the right part of town, it does tend to raise an eyebrow. You can even hold meetings at your offices, as the virtual office provider would have state of the art facilities, and they’ll even put up your company signage for the day. Conduct meetings with your clients in the comfort of your own conference rooms, which can be hired at a reasonable rate, and they have all the amenities one would expect from a premier provider. If you would some further reading on the importance of image in business, there are several articles online on the subject.
  3. Calls Relayed Promptly – Wherever you are in the world, all calls can be instantly relayed to either a mobile or land number, and with a professional “on hold” system, your customers will be suitably impressed, and you will always be informed and in control.
  4. Message Taking Service – All messages can be passed on by either email or SMS, depending on your preference, and no matter how many lines you have running, they can handle any amount of volume.
  5. Range of Affordable Packages – There’s no point in paying for something you don’t use, and with a range of packages available, you can select the one that best suits your business. Some companies use virtual office services during the busy season, and they do offer an overflow service that can be used at the peak times of the year. Most businesses are seasonal, and having a virtual office partner who is flexible, you are always covered.

The virtual office service provider would assign you your very own account manager, which means any changes you wish to implement can be instantly applied and you only have to deal with one person. If you want your business to enjoy total connectivity and you wish to be always informed, talk to your local provider and you might be surprised at what they can do for you.