How to Handle Your Business After a DUI Incident

Drink driving is a consequential crime in the US, and every year over one million people are arrested for drunk driving. A DUI is tough for anyone to overcome, and it can feel like even more of a problem if you are a business owner. You may be wondering if the DUI will affect your business, and it is likely that you are worried that you have damaged your businesses image. Thankfully it is entirely possible to recover your business. Here is how to handle your business after a DUI.


DUIs are fairly common, but can be complicated to defend without representation. A Scottsdale DUI Lawyer explains that most people know that they are alcohol impaired if their blood alcohol content is 0.08% or higher, but they know little else about the laws surrounding intoxication and driving. It is likely that your license has been revoked, and if this has happened you may find that you are struggling to get to work. In this case the best option is public transport, but if you are willing to follow certain conditions (such as only driving during certain hours) you may be able to appeal to drive again.

Your business may also be impacted if you need to serve jail time or probation meetings, but you can arrange for another employee to cover work when you are unavailable to go in.

One of the main effects of a DUI is the financial consequences, but thankfully most of these will be linked to your car rather than your business insurances (such as commercial property insurance).

Improving Your Image

The main issue for businesses owners with a DUI is the bad press, but thankfully it is possible for you to turn your bad press into a win. The main way to do to this by being genuine about your mistake and trying to combat the effects drink driving; for instance, you could donate money to a school or college for alcohol awareness, or you could start a safe-ride program for your employees after work events.

If you make an effort it is possible for you to recover your businesses’ image after a DUI. Just make sure that you hire a lawyer to deal with the DUI initially, and then go out of your way to make an effort to redeem your past mistakes.