How to Mix Business Travel with Leisure Without Jeopardizing Either

A Business travel for the first timers are always exciting and thrilling but for those whose job profile consists of meeting clients repeatedly, this may become a monotonous work. You may feel bored to visit the same place time and again, not certainly if you plan your business travel and pleasure aka “bleisure” in such way that you get to work and explore the place you have been to simultaneously that too at an economical price.

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when you mix travel with leisure to make sure that you have a win-win situation for your business and yourself.

  1. Business First Leisure Later

Make sure you complete your assignment for which you have come. Your main agenda for coming for the trip was to achieve some business goal so while you have been preparing so hard for the business, you need to make sure that you complete the purpose for which you have come but do not go nonstop with your work, you may be a workaholic but mixing business with leisure will only keep you more enthusiastic throughout the day. Create a good schedule for yourself is important because if you do not organize your time, you will have to keep running around meetings will be extremely stressful.

  1. Be Prepared

Being prepared is the key to have a good bleisure trip. Many a time you dream about having a good business cum leisure trip without planning the two. You need to list down the things that you are going to do because as a business  travelers you have certain habits which you need to set free like packing in a certain way, stay in certain hotels but to have a good bleisure trip you have to break those old habits and consider taking up some new one’s like surfing the net about the place you are going to visit, search for new hotels that are at equal distance from your workplace and from the place you want to visit, getting a map if you aren’t too well acquainted with using Google map etc. Keep yourself updated with local hospitals, banks, ATM’s that can be used in case of emergencies. In wee hours you cannot have access to banks but shall always come to your help 24 x 7, just at the click of your button you can take any type of loan that too without any hassle.

  1. Stop Worrying Too Much

A lot of time we are so involved in our business that we stop taking any time off for our self. Planning an only leisure trip means splurging exorbitant amount for the trip which may not go with our lifestyle at least during times when the business isn’t doing too great. At such times it’s best to combine business
with leisure. Mixing business with pleasure will add more color to your life and be counterproductive as you will learn to be a more balanced person. It will relieve you from all stress resulting in better performance at work.

Lastly being materialistic is good but having a peaceful life is even more important. With proper planning, you can have both business travel and leisure without creating a hole in your pocket. Every trip can be an adventure as well as an opportunity to learn more about the place you visit, so rather than cribbing about the next business trip, plan well and convert your boring trip into a mini vacation.

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