3 Ways to Make Money from Your Creative Skills

For many people, there is a distinct line between creativity and business. One simply cannot support the other. Creativity is more of a hobby, surely? Business is much more technical and grounded, isn’t it? That may have been the case once upon a time when artists were seen as ‘poor’ and business people are viewed as ‘wealthy’. However, times have changed, and art and creativity are now just as viable as any technical or financial kind of business. In fact, in many cases, the two can go together perfectly. So, if you are creative, how can you make money from your skills?

  1. Sell Your Work

The most obvious (although perhaps not the easiest) way to make money from your creativity is to sell your work. It could be paintings or prints; it could be sculptures, stained glass, writing, drawings, crochet, knitting, clothing, or just about anything else you can think of. Selling an actual, tangible product in a store, online, or at a market or event, can bring in a good amount of money for you. It may have to start as a side business before you can get into it full time, but if you continue to work hard and your art is of a high standard, it could be a good move for you.

  1. Be A Sub-Contractor

If you want to continue being a creative and don’t want to set up your own business, you might enjoy freelancing, or be a sub-contractor. If this is the case, it is best to specialize in a specific area. If you are an artist, you might focus on pet portraits or paintings of people’s homes. If you create ceramics, you might deal in wedding tableware. If you create video games, you might prefer to work on RPGs only. No matter what you do, marketing will be your best opportunity to let people know who you are and how good you are. Look at the gaming logo maker if you make video games, and you can design your own brand. Work out who your target audience is and then promote directly to them on social media. Marketing is essential to getting a steady stream of clients and ensuring a good income.

  1. Teach Your Skill

Teaching is a good career choice for creative people. You can continue to enjoy making your art, and you can also show other people how to make theirs. There is always room for more art in the world, so don’t worry that you are teaching people to be your competition in the future. This kind of teaching can be for a variety of levels from school-aged children to adults in an evening or weekend class. In some cases, you will need a qualification, and when working with children you will need to have police checks carried out, but in other cases, you simply need to be good at what you do and create an engaging course that people will enjoy. You could contact your local college, or you could hire a room and run the course yourself.

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