How to Improve Business Productivity and Security with Data Transfer

Data doesn’t sit on the sidelines; for many companies, it’s essential to most of our activities and collaboration efforts. Therefore, we need to protect it while ensuring quick access to it. Is this even possible without advanced programming skills? Yes, and here are a few of the biggest business benefits of switching to secure managed file transfer software.

Is the Cost of File Transfer Really Worth It?

Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group shows us a few different key points concerning business and data transfer. The big one is that low-cost file transfer isn’t as cheap as it seems. That’s because errors, which inevitably occur, soak up a lot of resources and expose you to myriad risks.

Take email attachments, for example. Far and away, they’re the biggest way those within any organization share files. When you don’t implement a secure solution for file transfer, you’re left open to security breaches, especially since everyone’s on different devices.

There are also more run-of-the mill errors like file size and general failure. These problems take time to resolve. They whittle away at your productive hours, and in some cases, require the attention of your admin support or IT team.

That doesn’t even touch the costly issue of compliance. It turns out that transferring files on the cheap, or for free, is not a cost-saving measure. So, paying for a managed file transfer solution can eliminate costs? Yes, but that isn’t expressly why businesses do so.

Aberdeen also studied businesses that do pay for secure file transfer. Cost reduction is way down the list in terms of why they invest in these solutions. This is because they have their eye on the real prize – productivity and security.

Increased Productivity and Enhanced Security Save Money

The number one reason businesses seek out secure data transfer software is because they’re looking to increase productivity. Rather than simply saying, “We want more money,” the message is, “We want to free up resources, reduce errors, get more done, and avoid fines.”

Clearly, all of that reduces costs and keeps the principles of profitability at the forefront.

The second most commonly reported reason is security. As an owner or manager, it’s risky to let each member of your staff determine their level of security in file sharing. How easy are their passwords, and are they sending this data to a place where your team can no longer track it? If there is a breach thanks to this activity, how will your shareholders, clients, customers receive the news? Will they be grateful you saved so much money on file transfer by doing precisely nothing to prevent such breaches?

The message is simple. For greater success in business, don’t think about this month’s budget. The cheap or free solution often ends up costing much more in the long run with staffing costs, time lost correcting errors, and the steep price of noncompliance. When you focus on security and productivity in connection to your company’s use of data, the initial cost has an ROI you don’t want to miss out on.