Why Are Temporary Jobs Becoming More Popular Now?

At any one given moment in time you can probably name at least a couple of friends, family members, or even co-workers who are actively looking for a new job. The job searching scene is one that is always robust and busy, but just like so many other industries it has its own trends. While there still may be a significant amount of people actively looking for a new job right now, what is becoming more common is that people are not looking for temporary jobs rather than a permanent position.

It seems as though the days of getting a job straight out of school and staying with that same company until you retire are long gone. Instead people now change their job many times in their lifespan, with statistics showing that Britons work for six different employers on average during their lifespan. So why exactly have times changed? What are temporary jobs now becoming more popular and even the norm? Let’s dig a little deeper.

It’s What the Industry Calls for

One of the biggest driving forces behind this shift to temporary work is the fact it’s what the industry is calling for. Employees are now enjoying flexibility like never before when it comes to the work hours, being able to work from home, and even working for multiple employers at once. Employers don’t necessarily need a massive staff of full-time workers. Instead they may prefer to hire as needed, which creates the need for these temporary workers.

It Gives Employees a Chance to Build Contacts, Experience, and Skills

From an employee’s point of view these temporary job placements are an excellent way to make them more marketable. Think about it, each time you are placed with a new company you’ll be meeting new contacts, learning new skills, and adding to your experience. All of this helps to beef up your resume and make it possible to find that full-time dream job down the road.

Many temp agencies have a constant flow of temporary, part-time, and short-term jobs available across a wide range of industries in London. This is very suitable for people with specific qualifications that might struggle getting a job, for example,  Staff Heroes provide numerous different chef jobs, for people with culinary skills and qualifications. Having access to all these different kinds of jobs and then giving them a try will be your skill set much faster than any course could.

Temporary Jobs Offer Variety and Flexibility

Another big reason these temporary jobs are so popular is the fact they offer variety and flexibility. Not everyone is satisfied or feels fulfilled going to the same office every day, doing the same tasks, working for the same boss, and with the same co-workers. Plenty of people want to be able to try new things, add variety to their work life, and have the flexibility to decide when they want to work and when they’d rather take some time off.

Start to Learn More About Yourself and What You Enjoy

Then there is the fact that it can be hard to figure out what your “perfect” job would actually be. Knowing what you want to do with your career and what direction you want to take doesn’t come naturally or easily to everyone. Working with a temp agency gives you the chance to try different things and start to learn more about yourself and what you enjoy.

A Whole Host of Reasons

When it comes down to it, these temporary jobs are becoming more popular for all kinds of reasons, not just for the employee but also for the employers. As the industry continues to evolve and grow, this trend could pick up even more steam and popularity.