5 Tips to Improve Employee Communication and Engagement

Employee communication is a pre-requisite for improving the employee engagement. Lack of communication from the leadership can create an environment of suspicion and rumours that becomes counter-productive to managing the business. This in turn can hurt your customer service and eventually sales. It is imperative that business leaders find ways to improve not only formal communication with employees, but informal, ad-hoc communication as well. Use the tips below to do just that.

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How can Small Businesses Benefit by Investing in Employees

One of the most effective ways to find success with your business is to invest in the employees that make up your team and staff. The integrity and confidence of the employees will ultimately determine the outcome of the goals that are accomplished each quarter. For those who are looking at investing in their employees, there are number benefits that can come with developing your brand and team. Here are some of the most important ones.

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Small Business Owners: Ignore Employment Laws at Your Own Risk

One of the biggest worries for many small business owners is running afoul with employment laws. The number of labor laws in the U.S. has increased significantly in the last several years. There are countless federal and state agencies such as Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division that govern these regulations. All of these agencies are looking at all aspects of labor management to ensure small business owners comply with the laws. Forget to comply with one of myriad laws and you will find yourself in the crosshairs of one these agencies. The consequences of running afoul can range from hefty fine to even jail time.  So what can you do to ensure you don’t end up in this situation?

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Solid Tips to Obtain a Law Training Contract

Training Contracts and pupillages are like winning a lottery for those who are chasing a career in law. They are a huge step on the way to becoming a qualified solicitor.

The training acquired over the first 2 years helps put you in a working context and use the skills you have learned over the course of the program. You get to learn about various different practices and departments including contentious and non-contentious practice areas which are a key part of working life as a solicitor.

If you have a training contract in place, you can pass a PSC, otherwise known as a professional skills course. To gain this you need to have valuable experience within financial and business skills, communication skills and also client care.

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Biophilic Design: Coming to Save Us All?

Workers in many studies have reported feeling less stressed and more satisfied when they work in environments with access to nature or goodly amount of greenery. Adding plants to your office design is a good start, but the next level is coming, and hopefully to an office near you: biophilic design.

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Prevent Drink Driving – A Common Occurrence in December

This time of year usually means more social engagements, often with alcohol. The consequences of drunk driving, like a seasonal cold, can range from moderate to severe, but you can plan for nights out that will allow for plenty of merriment without punishment to come later. If you do find yourself in a legal bind during the holidays, you will need the assistance and advice of drink driving solicitors. Forewarned is forearmed, though, so plan and educate yourself in order to better enjoy the holiday season.

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Solid Tips for Finding Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a de facto place to go to for finding jobs. Whether you are a recent college grad or a veteran with several years of experience if you do not have a profile on LinkedIn and don’t know how to make the best use of all the available features for job search you are missing out on one of the best tools for finding jobs. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how LinkedIn works and how to make best use of all the features. Below we highlight some of the key feature you can leverage.

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Robotics and the Future of Skilled Jobs in Manufacturing Industry

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No matter how one were to look at it, robotics is undeniably the future of manufacturing. Many of the world’s largest firms have already signed off on the gradual replacement of the majority of their human workforce in favour of a mechanical one that is both highly sophisticated and highly precise. Truth be told, it’s easy to understand why; automated robotics allow companies to continually produce their goods at a consistently tireless pace that simply cannot be matched – even by the most dexterous of hands. Tireless as they may be, the true value of a robotic workforce lies in its ability to deliver perfection in terms of production and assembly at a diminishing cost to the owner.

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Best Practices to Recruit and Retain Employees in Food and Hospitality Industry

Food and hospitality industry is notorious for high employee turnover. It is not uncommon to find annual turnover in excess of 100% for the businesses in this industry. This translates into having an entirely new staff pretty much every year! The toll on your business from this high turnover is very significant. You are constantly looking for new employees and training them while trying to provide excellent customer service expected by your customers.

It is in the best interest of business owners to recruit and retain the employees, especially the best ones. It takes a long time to find good employees and train them. It is not only the amount of time it takes, but also the effort and money you have to spend is very significant. So what can you do find and retain the best employees for your food and hospitability establishment?

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How to Spot and Clean up Toxic Corporate Culture


Think about the most disgusting place you’ve ever been. Maybe it was a public bathroom at a highway rest stop; perhaps it was an unclean restaurant with vile food; it may have even been an unorganized department store that was chaotic to walk through. Regardless of the image that’s in your mind right now, a toxic workplace is just that – from dishonest workers to negative attitudes, working in a toxic culture is like being forced to be in the most disgusting of places. The difference? Disgusting places can be cleaned up and reorganized. Can you do the same with an intangible thing like culture?

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