Safe Workplace: Smart Strategies to Protect Your Eyes on the Job

Workplace health and safety always needs to be a current topic of conversation if you are going to keep up to date with safety legislation and develop a smart strategy for protecting the workforce.

Some of the most commonly reported incidents in the workplace are eye injuries and when you consider how vital your vision is, doing what you can to stay safe should be a priority.

Here are some tips and insights on eye safety. There is an overview of the potential hazards plus a look at what you should do if you wear contact lenses, and details of which type of protection is suited to the work you are doing.

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How Does Office Design Improve Collaboration in the Office

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In a large office different departments can often feel like they are working in isolation, unable to fully integrate with the rest of a business.

Office design specialists Penketh’s explain how the right office design can have a huge impact on collaboration within a business.

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The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing Careers

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Video marketing has recently exploded onto the digital marketing scene. More and more people go online to help them learn about business offerings in their area of interest, and they are increasingly looking to videos to give them the information and experiences they need.

According to Adobe’s, 50 percent of all mobile traffic currently comes from online video consumption. They also assert that 100 million internet users watch online video at least once a day, and that the average user will be exposed to 32.2 videos in a single month.

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Better Safe than Sorry – How to Create Safe Workplace

As a business owner, keeping the office in complete working order is always one of your main duties. And a large part of that is ensuring that the office is a safe environment to work in. Not only is this a legal concern in most places, but it is a moral one too – and it also happens to help your business when you are as safety-conscious as you can be. Nonetheless, even the most sensible business owner can sometimes struggle with keeping everything – and everyone – safe and sound. After all, how do you really ensure that your office is a safe haven for everybody? To try and answer that, we have put together a few of the essential checklist points for anyone trying to improve the safety of their office. Let’s take a look.

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Starting a Business? Don’t Forget About Your Employees!

Your new business venture can feel awfully lonely and empty if you don’t staff it with the right team members. Unless you have a business idea that can be solely run by yourself and the help of freelancers, you are going to need some employees. In fact, if you haven’t already gathered some interest from internet and local job listings, then you’re going a bit too fast with your new startup and you need to slow down before you crash and burn.

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Motivated and Engaged

For your business to succeed and thrive, you need dedicated and hardworking employees working together in harmony. And to have that, you have to keep your staff engaged. The people you want to have on board are those who are enthusiastic and committed to doing their job.

However, according to a recent study, there are only about 13% of employees worldwide are engaged. This means that the majority of workers around the globe are unhappy, unfulfilled, and unproductive. Employees like these are the ones you should avoid having, as they can cause a string of negative effects on your business.

While these workers can be a source of frustration and can hurt company performance, an effort to improve your people management skills can turn the tide. Here are 7 tips that can help you keep your employees engaged and motivated:

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5 Tips to Improve Employee Communication and Engagement

Employee communication is a pre-requisite for improving the employee engagement. Lack of communication from the leadership can create an environment of suspicion and rumours that becomes counter-productive to managing the business. This in turn can hurt your customer service and eventually sales. It is imperative that business leaders find ways to improve not only formal communication with employees, but informal, ad-hoc communication as well. Use the tips below to do just that.

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How can Small Businesses Benefit by Investing in Employees

One of the most effective ways to find success with your business is to invest in the employees that make up your team and staff. The integrity and confidence of the employees will ultimately determine the outcome of the goals that are accomplished each quarter. For those who are looking at investing in their employees, there are number benefits that can come with developing your brand and team. Here are some of the most important ones.

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Small Business Owners: Ignore Employment Laws at Your Own Risk

One of the biggest worries for many small business owners is running afoul with employment laws. The number of labor laws in the U.S. has increased significantly in the last several years. There are countless federal and state agencies such as Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division that govern these regulations. All of these agencies are looking at all aspects of labor management to ensure small business owners comply with the laws. Forget to comply with one of myriad laws and you will find yourself in the crosshairs of one these agencies. The consequences of running afoul can range from hefty fine to even jail time.  So what can you do to ensure you don’t end up in this situation?

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Solid Tips to Obtain a Law Training Contract

Training Contracts and pupillages are like winning a lottery for those who are chasing a career in law. They are a huge step on the way to becoming a qualified solicitor.

The training acquired over the first 2 years helps put you in a working context and use the skills you have learned over the course of the program. You get to learn about various different practices and departments including contentious and non-contentious practice areas which are a key part of working life as a solicitor.

If you have a training contract in place, you can pass a PSC, otherwise known as a professional skills course. To gain this you need to have valuable experience within financial and business skills, communication skills and also client care.

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