How to Improve Relationships between Freelance Co-workers

Businesses are increasingly using freelance talent in their workforce to either supplement what they already have, or replace the need for permanent staff. This can be a good idea, especially for smaller companies who want the team to work on projects, but don’t necessarily have the finances to hire someone full-time. Finding the right freelancer for your business is relatively straightforward, but there can be hurdles that you need to overcome.

When working remotely with freelancers, you have to talk with them effectively to get the best results and keep them on schedule; this means acquiring the right software, IT systems and communication platforms such as Skype. Here are some useful tips on improving your communication with your co-workers.

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Are You Likely to be Hired Based on Your Accent?

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try to dispute it, regional accents come hand in hand with an attitude towards them. For better or worse, the UK has different attitudes to its regional accents. But the question is: do these attitudes affect how employable you are? The simple answer is yes. However, industrial cleaning company DCS Multiserve has provided us with this research to uncover how attitudes differ on different regional accents.

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5 Ways to Keep Top Performing Employees Challenged and Motivated

The corporate world is a highly competitive and complex environment, with carefully developed rhythms. In every company there are different types of employees, and they all have their own set of skills and qualifications. But in every company there are those who distinguish themselves, who, through their work ethics and outstanding performances are an inspiration to everyone around them. They are the extraordinary workers and the top performers that understand the purpose of their work, those determined to always create something remarkable, using all their capabilities.

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4 Ways to Build Stronger Workplace Relationships

Workplace relationships play an important role in almost everything that happens in a company. Strong relationships between employers and the employees allow for a more cohesive teamwork, faster and more effective production, and a more positive workplace culture that helps reduce problems such as stress and job burnout. Moreover, it can even help employers cut down on human resources costs through better employee retention.

However, you can’t just expect each one of your employees to have no trouble forming strong bonds with their colleagues and building an affinity with the company and its management. You need to take the right approach if you want to nurture stronger workplace relationships. Hopefully, these tips can help set you on the right track.

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Insights into UK salaries

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According to HR news, salaries across the UK saw a rise in December last year – this information came as a surprise as that month is generally a quiet month for pay rises and recruitment.

DCS Multiserve, provider of industrial cleaning services, has compiled some insights into UK salaries to paint a true picture of what the UK’s salaries look like across the country. These insights include:

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Considering a Legal Benefits Plan for Employees? What You Should Know

It’s quite common to offer employees a medical benefits plan, but more and more businesses are starting to look into offering a legal benefits plan for their employees to use, too. It doesn’t matter what size company you operate, and how many or little employees you have, a legal benefits plan can not only be a good thing for your employees, but it can be a huge incentive for staff to stay with your company.

Let’s look at what a legal benefits plan is, and what you should know before you make your decision.

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Direct Benefits of Corporate Team Building

It would be fair to say that corporate team building has become immensely more popular over recent years. Once regarded as something of a fad, the practice is now sworn by a lot of companies around the globe and judging by the benefits they bring, it’s no surprise why.

Additionally, the types of events have started to vary immensely. The definition of team building may have been a traditional school sporting activity, although now that is just one element. It could be something like these corporate hospitality events, which include experiences such as drinking on a London bus, or even going to Paris for the day.

In short, these days can be extremely creative and the stereotypes that were once associated with them have certainly disappeared.

To highlight just why so many companies are heading down this route, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that teams who frequent these days can take from them.

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Why Small Businesses Must Use the New I-9 Form

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When it comes to hiring people, employers in the United States have to make sure of a potential employee’s identity and employment eligibility. The verification mechanism that is employed in the country is the completion of the Form I-9, a federal form that was made mandatory by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

Both the employees and the employers are required by law to complete the latest version of the Form I-9, while employees are required to present additional supporting documents. This verification process applies to both citizens and non-citizens.

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Staff Turnover: How to Become the Business Employees Won’t Want to Leave

Employee turnover is a big problem, especially for small business owners. For one thing, it requires significant effort to hire a new employee, not to mention the money you need to spend in the recruiting process. Also, losing an experienced employee means that you will need to train his replacement, and as we all know, it takes time for a new employee to learn all the tricks of the trade. In addition, when hiring someone new you don’t know how that employee is going to turn out. Finding a good employee is a challenging task. Your best option is to create an atmosphere in your workplace from where employees won’t want to leave. How can you do that? Continue reading to find out.

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6 Ways to Improve your Online Presence as an Employer

How do you let everyone know how awesome your company culture is? If we could scream it across the globe, we would. However, it’s becoming more and more commonplace to see businesses enhancing their employer brand online. This way, you can defy the laws of time and space, letting the whole world know that it is a bright idea to work for you.

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