Drive Your Career with a Business from a Van

Has your current career route hit a roadblock? Are you tired of your typical 9-5 job and looking for a new career adventure? If you have your own van, then you’ll be excited to hear that there are so many types of businesses that you can get involved in to reinvigorate your working life…

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3 Ways to Cultivate High Employee Morale

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After nearly 15 years in the exhibit and trade show industry, entrepreneur Bev Gray started her company, now named Exhibit Edge, after a request for services from one of her clients. This was 25 years ago. Today, she stands at the helm of this, now, multimillion dollar enterprise. Her mission is to meet all the changing demands of exhibitors’ trade show needs in any venue. Throughout her career, she has discovered how important high employee morale is for any company. The following three steps reveal simple ways to develop it.

  1. Create opportunities for camaraderie

    A strong company culture doesn’t just happen nor can it be forced. It’s the responsibility of management to create an environment conducive for the growth of a supportive and successful team. To do so, a manager can schedule interactions between employees that support the type of culture that is desired. For example, Exhibit Edge has its “Daily Warm Up,” a brief stand up meeting where each person shares the previous day’s biggest accomplishment and their top 3 goals for the current day. This establishes an opportunity for employees to learn about their coworkers’ projects, stay up to date on company happenings, and build camaraderie. As a bonus, it’s also a change for management to identify any conflicts (and determine how to resolve them before they escalate).

  2. Share responsibility and authority

    Even the greatest entrepreneurs can’t control every aspect of their business. Moreover, it wouldn’t help their company if they did. There are many benefits to letting go and handing off responsibility to those who have proven themselves. Employees want to feel as though their work has significance and that it’s making an impact. Plus, most anyone wants to grow their career. By delegating authority to those who deserve it, managers will not only see more highly engaged employees, but they’ll also find more time to focus on what is most important. The expertise that makes someone qualified to manage others also makes their involvement in strategic business decisions much more valuable. Handing off the relatively less significant tasks frees time to focus on the critical ones.

  3. Communicate the bad — honestly

    Every business will endure tough times, and the worst thing a manager can do is to keep employees totally in the dark. Following 9/11 was a defining period for Exhibit Edge for this reason. After the tragic attack, few people were travelling, which meant many trade shows were cancelled. This translated into fewer opportunities for Exhibit Edge to generate revenue. However, all employees were sustained because the company focused on lowering overhead costs instead. Throughout this tumultuous time, management was open with the staff about the decisions being made and the intentions behind them. The employees felt vested in the outcome as a result, which led to them trying to help with the efforts to lower costs. Managers should always communicate with their team whether the message is positive or negative. It will produce engaged employees and a stronger company culture.

Infographic: How to Get a Job in Marketing With No Experience

Usually, the jobs you can get with no experience don’t pay well. Plus, they can be unbelievably boring. What if you could get a sought after job in marketing that would not only pay well, but ensure you felt excited about work each day? This quick and helpful guide is going to give you some tips on getting a marketing job with no experience!

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How Your Career can Benefit from Further Education

Glad you will not have to take another college course, you have landed that white-shoe position for ACME organization after graduation. All you see ahead of you are years and years of hard work and diligence ending with a lush retirement fund. That situation might have been relevant years ago, but in today’s competitive work environment, workers have to stay ahead of the game. One of the main ways to remain attractive to managers and potential employers is to further your education. In fact, workers in today’s employment climate benefit greatly from continuing their education.

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Studying Overseas: Reviewing the Best Foreign Exchange Service for Students

Hundreds and thousands of students from all across the globe come to Australia to gain admission in top-notch colleges and universities offering bachelors, masters and PHD programs in various fields. It wouldn’t be wrong to rank it among the three best places for higher education in the world.

The reasons are manifold. For starters, the Australian lifestyle is something everyone wishes to become a part of. Second, it provides ample opportunities to explore the beautiful land and third, people here regard education, culture and traditional values and understand the important role it plays in building one’s character and personality.

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How to Become a Successful Teacher

Teaching is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand careers in the job market. If you’re considering becoming a teacher, now is the time to make the leap and earn a teaching degree with this guide. Whether you’re considering teaching or you’ve been teaching for a while, you’re probably wondering how to be the best teacher you can be. Here are just a few of the essentials to become successful in the teaching field.

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Search Jobs from Anywhere. Let Your Smartphone Work for You

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Let your smartphone work for you by using job apps that help you search for the best employment opportunities in your area. The StepStone job app is the ideal option for finding a job that meets your income needs, location and help you land your dream job with our Job app (android). By taking advantage of the features the app offers you, it is easy to find a new career path.

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7 Surprising Reasons besides Skills That Will Get You Hired

When you prepare for a job interview, you do your research on the company, on the interviewers – if you know their names and functions – and on the job requirements. Then you probably think of how best to answer tricky questions, and what to ask them about the company. Finally, in most cases, you also need to present your work to address a task that the company has shared with you – most commonly, you end up using a PowerPoint presentation, but video displays, digital templates, and 3D plans are also brilliant alternatives depending on the task. In other words, preparing for a job interview is about showing the best of your skills in terms of understanding, knowledge, creative problem-solving, experience and professionalism. What you can’t do, though, is preparing for all these external factors that may get you a job. Don’t assume that having any of the following features means that you’ll land your dream job without professional skills. But when employers are struggling to pick the best-suited candidate, these surprising factors put you on top of the list.

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How to Improve Relationships between Freelance Co-workers

Businesses are increasingly using freelance talent in their workforce to either supplement what they already have, or replace the need for permanent staff. This can be a good idea, especially for smaller companies who want the team to work on projects, but don’t necessarily have the finances to hire someone full-time. Finding the right freelancer for your business is relatively straightforward, but there can be hurdles that you need to overcome.

When working remotely with freelancers, you have to talk with them effectively to get the best results and keep them on schedule; this means acquiring the right software, IT systems and communication platforms such as Skype. Here are some useful tips on improving your communication with your co-workers.

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Are You Likely to be Hired Based on Your Accent?

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try to dispute it, regional accents come hand in hand with an attitude towards them. For better or worse, the UK has different attitudes to its regional accents. But the question is: do these attitudes affect how employable you are? The simple answer is yes. However, industrial cleaning company DCS Multiserve has provided us with this research to uncover how attitudes differ on different regional accents.

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