Finding an Engineering Position at a Small Company

Now Hiring
Competition in the job market, especially among highly skilled positions like engineers, can force people into positions they take out of necessity. Some of these positions pay well, others offer great benefits, but few offer the whole package. You’re more likely to find these opportunities at a startup, but you trade some of the financial incentives for more fulfilling work. Companies with fewer than 500 employees are engines of job creation.

Here is how you can get in with the right crowds.

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Recruitment Tips for Hiring Financial Employees in Small Business

Recruitment Tips
Running a small business means getting the most out of all available resources. From staff to office space, finding and recruiting the right people and the right environment are integral to the success of any small business. It is not easy to find those employees who will take your business to the next level. The first step is to understand your needs and, in turn, document the types of candidates that will help you meet those needs. Here are some important things to look for when searching for the ideal candidate for internal audit compliance jobs.

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How to Improve Employee Morale and Retention with Corporate Outings

Corporate Outing
If you’re to succeed as a business then your employees need to be happy, motivated and feel like they’re part of a team. The best way to achieve this is by organising corporate events and days out. They encourage employees to bond and get to know each other. This will boost morale and allow their productivity to improve.

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5 Management Mistakes that Kill Employee Motivation

The topic of how to boost employee motivation is one that has been covered exhaustively in many a blog post. However, what you may not realize is that it’s just as important to take steps to protect existing employee motivation.
Employee Motivation
When you go back to school online to earn your BS in Organizational Management, you’ll learn that many employees are already quite motivated. In fact, most employees are excited about their careers and come into their jobs brimming with the desire to do their best work. What these employees need most is to avoid being de-motivated by poor management practices, like the ones below.

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5 Essential Ways to Boost Employee Morale in Your Business

5 essential ways to boost employee morale
As the head of the company, the buck might stop with you, but without motivated and empowered employees, you’ll likely struggle to achieve long-term goals and hit benchmarks. How do you make sure employees understand and buy into the company’s culture and strategic plan? Keeping a pulse on office morale is one of the first steps. If you notice morale is low, here are five ways to get it moving in the right directions — where organizational leadership and improved management meet.

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How to Bring out the Best in Your Employees

How to bring out the best in your employees
No business owner or leader wants to hire mediocre employees. They all want the best employees to work for them – those who will provide best customer service, develop the best products, and in doing so help the business grow. The reality is it doesn’t quite work out this way. It starts with hiring a really good employee, who is eager to learn new things and contribute to the business. After some time, however, this passion starts to fizzle out and the employee gets stuck in the rut of doing everyday chores. The end result is the business owner doesn’t get what he had hoped when he hired the employee.

So, what motivates employees to continue giving their best to their employers? What can business owners do to bring out the best in their employees so it creates a win-win for both employees and employers? Here are some tips.

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How can Small Business Attract Young Employees

Apprentice Programs
When it comes to hiring employees what do business owners value more – experience or fresh ideas? In other words hiring experienced employees or young ones? Both can be useful in their own right. Experience can help avoid mistakes that someone would make when he doesn’t quite understand all nuances of business. On the other hand fresh ideas are the lifeblood of any business. Without them businesses will not be able to compete in this hypercompetitive world. Many business owners are on the fence about hiring young employees because they think that they are not quite reliable. They tend to make mistakes hurting the business in terms of lost customers and sales. However, as I will discuss below hiring young employees does have its advantages.

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Where Did All the Tech Jobs Go?

Technology Jobs
There are two sectors of the economy that are supposed to be impervious to unemployment – healthcare and information technology. Tech jobs are supposed to be a constant employment source given the proliferation of mobile computing and the growth of cloud computing. The rise in technical schools, technology boot camps, and IT certifications makes it seem as if the field of technology is only on the upward path.

Overall profits reported by technology companies in the last few years also indicate steady growth in information technology. While not moving as fast as the dot com bubble of the 1990s, industry earnings doubled between 2008 and 2012 and reached over $182 billion in 2012. All predictions had previously indicated that 2013 would also see growth. The forecast was for 7 to 10 percent growth for the entire industry. So many were surprised in 2013 when powerhouse companies such as IBM, Cisco, and even Zynga laid off thousands of workers worldwide. The reasons cited were lack of growth, falling stock prices, a need to restructure, and shift to focus on core products. Two startups blamed the market, stating that buyers weren’t ready for their offerings.

Read on to see the worst offenders in IT job losses and the reasons given by the companies.

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How to Choose the Best Option to Train Employees in Small Business

How to Choose the Best Option to Train Employees in Small Business
Many small business owners treat training as something that should be avoided unless it was absolutely mandated by law. They consider it a necessary evil that just wastes their time and money. After all, who has time to train their employees when there are thousands of tasks to take care of. Many of them also work on tight budget, which limits the amount of money they can spend on “unnecessary” expenses such as training. This myopic thinking on training is wrong. By not providing training to their employees small business owners limit the potential of their employees and the contribution they can make to grow your business.

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3 Ways to Be a Better Coach to Your Employees

3 Ways to Be a Better Coach
A great leader or business owner not only knows how to run his company, but he is also a great motivator and coach to his employees. Think about it – your business is only as good as the contribution made by your employees and you are only as good as the value you can get from your employees. That is why coaching and motivating your employees to bring out the maximum potential from them is one of the most important jobs of any leader.

The problem is not every leader is a born coach. There are those who are natural at bringing out the best from others and there are others who make employees run away from them. With little help and determination it is possible for a leader to improve his coaching skills. All you need is to put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Below are 3 important steps you need to take to be a better coach.

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