Safe Workplace: Smart Strategies to Protect Your Eyes on the Job

Workplace health and safety always needs to be a current topic of conversation if you are going to keep up to date with safety legislation and develop a smart strategy for protecting the workforce.

Some of the most commonly reported incidents in the workplace are eye injuries and when you consider how vital your vision is, doing what you can to stay safe should be a priority.

Here are some tips and insights on eye safety. There is an overview of the potential hazards plus a look at what you should do if you wear contact lenses, and details of which type of protection is suited to the work you are doing.

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Comprehensive Guide to Prepare Health and Safety Policy for Small Business

Having a health and safety policy in place is crucial when running a business. It’s a legal requirement to have your policy in writing if you employ five or more people. You should also make sure your policy contains the right information, in case a health and safety inspector pays you a visit.

So, when it comes to putting together your health and safety policy, what should you include?

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Importance of Annual Employee Drug Testing for Businesses

Drug testing your employees is not only a mandatory requirement, but also company policy to which many businesses follow. The need to have a drug test is to prevent the increase of accidents as well as low in productivity. Drug testing is an important factor which company owners need to adhere especially that it affects production and in providing services. This activity obliges personnel, new and/or old, to take a drug test. Usually, employees are required to present their urine samples for screening but there are also those which need hair, blood, sweat and even saliva samples. Some people do not understand the concept of having to undergo drug testing and other businesses don’t practice this at all.

The growing importance is enough of an explanation. As far as where medical needs stretch, the test is limited to those that can present legal papers for proof.  But there’s still another procedure for that to confirm when the result comes in positive. Even then, getting your employees test for a yearly or even a quarterly drug test is beneficial for you and your people. Why so?

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How to Cut Down on Vacancies in Your Rental Properties

If you are a first time landlord, or even if you are a well-seasoned property owner, you may be wondering how you can lower turnover rates and decrease vacancies in your rental property.  These are some of the best ways you can keep your tenants interested and maintain your monthly rental income with no breaks.

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How Reward Plans can Increase Your Employees’ Happiness

We all like to be appreciated for the hard work we do, and a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way in the workplace. You will get the best work from staff who feel valued and respected, while those whose hard work is overlooked or undervalued will soon look elsewhere for another job.

But is a simple thank you enough to keep your employees happy and motivated? If staff turnover rates are a concern, perhaps it’s time to consider implementing a reward scheme in your business.

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How to make Sure Your Seasonal Business Stays Afloat during Dry Times

Seasonal businesses are hugely popular across the world for both summer and winter popularity. Whilst each business will have its own individual pros and cons, one of the most prominent challenges of running a seasonal business is when you hit the out-of-season time period.

With business being virtually non-existent as soon as your peak season time inevitably comes to an end, many seasonal business owners find it extremely difficult to avoid shutting down, especially within the first couple of years. If you’re worried about this happening to your business, below you’ll find some key strategies to ensure your business doesn’t crumble as soon as you come out of season.

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Small Business Owners: Stuck in a Rut? Ask for Assistance

If being a start-up business owner has been your dream for some time, and now that you’ve achieved it you’re finding it to be more of a nightmare than you imagined, then you should seek help and advice on how to making it a success. Even if you are the type of person who is more of a lone wolf, and prefers to do things by yourself, asking for assistance isn’t going to show to be weak. What will show you to be weak would be your business collapsing.

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4 Surprising Concerns That Can Demoralize Your Employees

Employee morale is one of the most important factors that determine the fate of any business. Running a small business requires you to be concerned about this, more than any other boss figure. For large corporations, 90% of the workers will never even be in the same building as the person in charge of the company. With a smaller enterprise, you have more personal input, so you can rely on your own judgment as to how staff is feeling.

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Do You Really Need a Big Office to Run Successful Business?

There’s often a great debate on whether or not you need a big office to run a successful business. Many people swear that you need to upgrade to a large office if you want to improve your chances of continued success. They say that big offices provide you with more space, helping you expand your workforce and provide better storage options for you too. Also, they argue that inviting clients to a big office will gain far more respect than inviting them down to a small one.

However, there are many arguments that show you don’t really need a big office to run a successful business. A lot of industry experts say that it depends on the type of business you’re running. In this article I will look at this age-old debate and see whether or not you really do need a big office to run a successful business.

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Small Business Tax Preparation: 7 Tax Mistakes to Avoid

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Tax challenges are common among small business owners and it’s more than likely that one of your biggest pain points is filing your taxes. While it may only occur once per year, it requires substantial preparation.

At this point you may be asking yourself simple questions like “Should I do them myself?”, “What will cause the IRS to audit my small business?” or even “how can I save money filing my small business taxes?”

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