Is it Possible to Start a Small Business on a Budget?

Many would be entrepreneurs think that it takes a lot of money and courage to start a small business. They held back by this belief and wait for the right moment to come. Nothing could be further from truth. Starting a small business on a budget is not only possible, but your fellow business owners and entrepreneurs are doing it every single day. Obviously, you are going to need money, but the question you’ll want to know is how much and, unfortunately, I can’t help you with a figure because every industry is completely different and they all come with a range of different costs. But I can provide you with valuable tips that will help you get there. Continue reading to find out what they are.

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A Better Way to Organize Corporate Organization Structure

Org Chart
For as long as corporations have existed they have been organized in more or less hierarchical structure. Typically the line workers report to a supervisors, who reports to a manager, eventually leading all the way to the top executive running the company – CEO. This generally worked very well in the corporations that came out of industrial revolution.

With the rise of technology and start-ups this organization structure is being increasingly questioned. Many companies, such as Zappos, GitHub, and other start-ups are ditching this hierarchical organization structure in search of better way of working that will enable collaboration and innovation that is at the heart of these companies. Below we describe several options that have sprung up in recent times. Not all of them may be suitable everyone. You should consider the pros and cons of each and find the one that is most appropriate that will help you achieve your goal.

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Why Your Business Should Provide Tuition Reimbursement Benefits to Employees

Employee benefits can be double edged sword. On one hand, it costs businesses lot of money, but on the other hand they can generate loyalty and improve employee performance. The key to succeeding at this is making sure you implement properly and generate good return on investment. Tuition reimbursement is one such benefit that can help businesses of all types attract good employees and retain them eventually helping businesses grow. Granted, it costs significant money to implement tuition reimbursement program with the rising cost of college in the U.S., but if you manage it properly you can get significant tangible and intangible benefits from it.

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What is Different about Managing Millennial Employees

Portrait of smiling business colleagues
Millennials passed Generation X in the first quarter of 2015 to become the largest share of the American workforce, according to the Pew Research Center’s analysis. They represent 34% of the total workforce in the U.S. Millennials are defined as those individuals who were born between 1981 and 1997, which makes them between 19 and 34 years of age – a prime employment age. There are approximately 53.5 million millennials in the U.S.

The size of the millennial workforce itself is a force to be reckoned with, but in addition to size, their style of working also poses challenges for the business leaders who are no familiar with this generation. This generation is not like their parents. They value different things in life. They have their own ideas about how business should be conducted and they have their unique working style. All these factors combine to make it seem like today’s business leader will never be able to manage them well.

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What Options Are Available to Get into Business Yourself

Maybe you grew up helping your parents in their own corner store. Maybe you genuinely love customer service. Perhaps you make something super awesome and you want to build a business around it. Whatever the reason, you want to have your own business, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are some tips on various options available to you to start the business and how to get there.

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6 Less Tangible Benefits of Shared Offices for Start-ups

Shared Office
Everyone knows how cheap, flexible and convenient shared offices are for start-ups. Many fledgling companies leave incubators and go into a shared, serviced office as it’s the next step towards that huge company HQ (or at least a long-term lease). The size, short notice periods and built-in equipment and utilities are known benefits, but there are just as many “soft” advantages to shared office spaces.

Some people might think it sounds a bit frat-like, and wonder if any work ever gets done. Of course it does, but there’s lots of fun too.

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How Can Team Building Activities Help Businesses Grow

Team Building
Many of us have either participated in or led team building activities in our professional career at some point. Some of those activities may have been very straightforward and short such as playing a game of “two truths and a lie” or “find your way out.” Others could be very intense and may have spanned over multiple days such as climbing a peak or going on a long hike. No matter what the duration or type of activity, it is well-known that team building can help improve communication and employee morale, leading to a better business environment overall.

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4 Important Team Building Tips for Small Business

Team Building
Employees are the lifeblood of any business and investing in your workforce will ensure you have the skills to drive your company forward. Team building is an integral part of this, enabling you to ensure employees are working towards the same goals as you and identify areas for improvement. However, in the commotion of a typical working day, training staff can often get left by the wayside. After all, planning the agenda and finding a suitable location can be difficult (Find out more about a great training venue here). Yet failing to properly develop your team could impact upon your business’ output and ability to retain staff over the long-term. Here are a few reasons why it is important to focus on team building.

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Why is Employee Happiness Important at Work and How to Achieve it

Ask most managers what their top priorities are for their direct reports and I would be hugely surprised if the word ‘happiness’ appeared anywhere on a list along with words like ‘productivity’, ‘creativity’ ‘target-orientated’, ‘efficient’ etc.

But we are now interested in the idea of happiness at work, and in society? There is an entire “happiness industry” emerging rooted in positive psychology, driven by individualism and personalisation and expressing itself in the health and wellbeing agenda.

It is important for several connected reasons.

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Is Work-Life Balance Possible for Employees in This Age?

work-life Balance
The age of constant contact between places of work and employees is here, and this can mean tasks are completed quickly and businesses can handle more and more clientele. But, with all of this communication, employees can become quickly overwhelmed and stressed due to not feeling as if they can escape work pressures, although technically, they’re not “on the clock.” Here are a couple of ways that you, as an employee, can find a better work life balance even with the tightest of work schedules.

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