Many Uses of Shipping Containers for Small Business

Many uses of shipping containers
Containerization is a term used to describe the system of transporting goods globally using shipping containers. Before the arrival of shipping containers the transport of bulk goods and other products was done in a very inefficient manner. The transport used to be cumbersome and required large number of workers at the shipping and receiving ports to handle the cargo. The containerization has standardized the dimensions of shipping containers thus enabling packing as well as loading and unloading of cargo in a much more efficient manner. Not only can the same containers be transported on the ship, but after they arrive at the port they can be attached to trucks or trains easily.

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Is Your Office Design Hurting or Helping Employee Productivity?

Office Design
Is there any connection between how your office is furnished and employee productivity? If you look at the amenities provided by Google, Facebook and other innovative companies you could argue that creating right atmosphere and furnishing the office properly can encourage creativity and make your employees more productive. Creating a welcoming atmosphere in the office is just as important is it is in the home. Your employees feel more relaxed and at easy in this environment and can do their best work.

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How Can You Stay Fit While Traveling for Business

How can you stay fit while travelling for business
For business owners work life balance is of paramount importance. With the amount of work they have it is easy for small business owners to ignore their own fitness. After all, who can afford to spend time on workout when you can sign one more customer account. This could be dangerous not only to your health, but also to your business’ financial health.

Imagine this scenario. You are going away on business. You’ve got all the clothes you need. You are bringing your tablet. You’ve got all your business papers in order. You are just missing one thing: your fitness plan. Just because you’ll be away on business doesn’t mean you can’t still work out. Most resorts and even smaller hotels have workout or fitness rooms these days. Here’s how to stay in shape, regardless of whether you’re flying half-way around the country or just taking a short trip out of town.

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Does Your Small Business Accept Customer Payments via Phone or Mail?

Customer Payment
While an increasing number of customers prefer to pay via credit or debit card online these days, a large number of consumers still prefer to pay over the phone or via snail mail. Furthermore, not all customers are comfortable with providing credit card information with these types of payments and would prefer to write a check instead. For this reason, business owners who want to make it as easy as possible for customers to make their preferred forms of payment should have a merchant account that offers not only electronic credit card payment processing, but phone and mail payment processing as well.

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Where is My Package? How Online Retailers Can Plan for Busy Season

How online retailers can plan for busy season
As an online business owner, you must know when to expect a major increase in the number of orders you’ll receive. After all, it’s no mystery why some major retailers increase their workforces by tens of thousands of people during the holiday season.

There are plenty of other times outside the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas when your business could see a spike in orders, and if you are not prepared to manage them, you could end up with dozens of unhappy customers, and less-than-stellar online reputation that will undoubtedly turn those high volume order periods into non-existent order periods.

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How to Create Optimal Floor Plan for Restaurants

How to create optimal floor plan for restaurants
If you had to choose between a restaurant with a nice, quiet ambience with privacy versus a restaurant where people are bumping into each other amid noisy atmosphere where would you take your date for dinner? This is the difference floor plan can make. A good floor plan can create a sense of privacy and quietness in the restaurant. It can also increase the productivity and sales at any restaurant. That’s why you have to pay careful attention to how various sections of the restaurant are laid out.

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Tips for Organizing Your Office to Improve Productivity

Tips for organizing your office
Imagine this scenario. You are working in your home office. A client had sent you a contract worth $100,000 to sign and the deadline to send it back is today. You have to read the contract, verify and send it back or lose this biggest contract you will sign for the year. Unfortunately, you just cannot find the contract anywhere. You are trying to call the client to send a duplicate, but he is out on vacation and cannot be reached. What do you do?

For many people who are not organized this scenario plays all too often leading to lost documents and missed opportunities. Good news is it doesn’t take long or much effort to organize your office and be able to find anything you need in a quick second. All you have to do is spend some initial time to get everything in place and then keep at it on a daily basis. Here are some tips on how to organize your office to improve your productivity.

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How to Organize Your Office Desk for Maximum Productivity

How to organize office desk for maximum productivity
Look around your desk and see how it is organized? How many items do you have lying around and taking up precious desk real estate? If you are like most people your office desk is cluttered with items that you rarely use. Over time the desk has become a garbage dump of papers, staplers, pens, scissor, paper clips and so on. This is pity because research shows that the cluttered desk can reduce the productivity of the person sitting on it. A desk that is neatly organized can help find items quickly and improve your output significantly. The P-L-A-C-E method we described below can help you achieve the goal of organizing your desk for maximum productivity.

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Warning: You may Run into Trouble without Proper Record Keeping

Importance of record keeping
In a small business it is easy to forget the importance of maintaining accurate records. These records need to be kept far longer than the time they are active. Even after an order is completed and fulfilled or, in the case of a purchase from a vendor, after you have received and fully paid for the merchandise and service, all records will need to be maintained. The typical rule of thumb is 7 years, however there are certain regulations that may increase or decrease that period. In some professions you are required maintain the records indefinitely.

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First Impressions Matter – Importance of Immaculate Washroom Services

Importance of immaculate washrooms
According to Andy Warhol, “An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.”

You can also argue that art is an attempt to bring order out of chaos – and when it comes to your business’ washroom services, this statement can occasionally ring true.

Keeping your company’s washroom’s clean is an art, and the need for immaculate and well equipped toilet facilities should be top of any business owners list.


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