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Savvy Tips to Drive Per-Inquiry Advertising Success

Pay per click advertising
Pay-per-click is still one of the more common investments within a content marketing strategy, and for good reason. Compared to other types of advertising investments, this is among the easiest to manage, track and refine over time, thanks to increasing integration of metrics systems into major search engine product offerings.

However, while a rudimentary per-inquiry advertising program can be enough to drive at least some conversion rates, taking these initiatives to the next level can have more substantial benefits to the business over time. After all, leaders will be looking for high returns on investment in the modern Internet marketing arena, and more refined approaches to pay-per-click can yield stronger results.

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How Safe is Your Business from Hackers?

How safe is your computer system from hackers
Security breaches have become common occurrence in our lives. Every morning brings with it news about website attack or stolen data. At times it seems unless you leave in a cave completely isolated from the external world it is impossible to keep your computers secured from prying eyes. The media talks about large scale attacks, such as the Target security breach that occurred over Christmas, but there is a hacking attack happening every second in some part of the world. Even our own governments are snooping on their citizens as Edward Snowden proved.

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How to Improve Office Productivity and Creativity with a Makeover

Office Design
Research shows that the decor, lighting and color in the office can have a huge impact on employee creativity and productivity. Bright colors can trigger brain activity and foster creativity for the employees. Providing natural sunlight or fluorescent light can provide upbeat mood not only to people working inside the building, but also to the customers making them spend more time, and money with your business. No wonder companies like Google and Facebook spend billions of dollars in decorating the office with the right colors and furniture. Below are variety of ways in which you can redecorate, and revitalize your office.

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Recruitment Tips for Hiring Financial Employees in Small Business

Recruitment Tips
Running a small business means getting the most out of all available resources. From staff to office space, finding and recruiting the right people and the right environment are integral to the success of any small business. It is not easy to find those employees who will take your business to the next level. The first step is to understand your needs and, in turn, document the types of candidates that will help you meet those needs. Here are some important things to look for when searching for the ideal candidate for internal audit compliance jobs.

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Visually Inspired: How to Optimize Images to Attract Consumers to Your Website

How to Optimize Images for Website
If you have started to work on your SEO but you are still in the early stages, a lot of what you have read will probably be focused on the written content of your website. You may have heard that images cannot be read by the search engine spiders, and that you should therefore focus on written content.

While written content is the most important factor, you may well want to include images on your website, and if you do, you should make sure you optimize them. Optimizing images properly can help your site to get more traffic from both the standard search engines and the image search engines. So, how can you optimize images? Here are some tips:

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How to Improve Sales with email marketing services

Email marketing
The internet needs to be utilised to the full potential by businesses in all industries if they are to succeed. Online marketing is the most powerful form of marketing, and in order to use it properly you will need to employ the services of an internet marketing company which can use email marketing, search engine optimisation and other techniques to improve your business’s prospects.

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How to Improve Employee Morale and Retention with Corporate Outings

Corporate Outing
If you’re to succeed as a business then your employees need to be happy, motivated and feel like they’re part of a team. The best way to achieve this is by organising corporate events and days out. They encourage employees to bond and get to know each other. This will boost morale and allow their productivity to improve.

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7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Kill Marketing Campaign

Facebook advertising is gaining momentum as a viable option for many businesses. Paid advertising can put your content and business in front of more people, generate leads and sales and build your social media following.

The problem is for every successful Facebook advertiser, there is another one who claims Facebook ads are a waste of money and don’t get results. That’s most likely because they made one (or more) of the following mistakes and killed their own advertising campaign.

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Infographic: How Quality Controls can Improve Business Bottom Line

When many business owners think about quality they are scared of the effort and extra cost associated with it. This is a myopic view. Sure it costs a bit more to ensure high quality, but it pays off in various forms. Just think about the benefits you can get from improving the quality – reduced waste, higher customer satisfaction, premium price, increased productivity and efficiency and so on. All of these benefits add to the bottom line. ISO is an organization that publishes and controls the standards for manufacturing quality. Receiving their quality certification they provide in number of areas can provide a seal of approval your business needs to gain benefits from higher quality standard. Here is an Infographic that provides more information on quality standards and ISO.

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Why Social Media Marketing is a Must for Small Businesses

Social media
Social media marketing is an essential part of the current business culture. Every business that takes marketing seriously has to use social media accounts to create better marketing opportunities. Social media can affect how customers view your brand, and it is wise to learn how to make that happen.

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