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3 Reasons to Start Your Home Based Travel Agency

3 reasons to start home based travel agency
If you love traveling and have great organisational and personal skills, then working as a travel agent could be the perfect job for you. Even better, some of the most successful travel agents work independently from home. Working from home is a great way to operate in any industry, but the travel agency business is especially adept for people who love to work from the comfort of their own home. In case you need any more persuading, here are the three main reasons why you should start a home based travel agency.

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The Arguments For and Against Early Exit Strategy

The arguments for and against early exit strategy
Most businesses are built so that they can eventually dole out rewards to their hard-working owners on exit. Whether the intention is to sell the company, offer it as an inheritance or wean it into a self-supporting profit-making machine, the ultimate goal for many business owners is to be free from day to day operations and get sufficient return on their investment of time, effort and money. That is why exit strategy is as important as building the business itself.

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What to Do When Your Business Faces a Lawsuit

What to do when your business faces a lawsuit
When you’re running a small business, you’re so busy with managing employees and meeting payroll that the last thing on your mind is a lawsuit. Of course, when that happens it can bring everything to a grinding halt. Handling legal entanglements can drag on for years and can put you in lot of financial trouble. It is in your best interest to know beforehand what you can and cannot do when you are faced with lawsuits. Here are some suggestions to help you calm your nerves in that situation and deal with the issue at hand.

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How Small Businesses Benefit from Strategic Alliances

how small businesses benefit from strategic alliances
In a competitive, complex business world, there are few companies that have the capability to do everything alone. The skills and technology necessary for success in business today, many times, mandate that companies work with other companies that possess complementary skills for the mutual benefit of each. Regardless of the alliance partner or how the alliance is structured, strategic alliances can bring significant benefits to each partner, especially small businesses.

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Creative Ideas for Small Business Social Marketing

Creative ideas for small business social marketing
If you are a small business owner you’ll inevitably face the challenge of creating and maintaining your presence in social media. Social media presence is a must to promote your business and stay in touch with your customers. However, people will not find you and won’t follow you in social media if you don’t have regularly updated content – you have to communicate with your customers regularly and find the ways to engage them.

Services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus offer you a great chance to promote your business through social media. You can even do this without a dedicated website as social networking sites offer you a surface to carry your content themselves. You just need to fill these channels with engaging content and this may require some time, and of course, resources.

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Is Your Office Design Helping or Hindering Employee Productivity?

Is you office building helping or hurting your employees
Your working environment can have a significant impact on your staff productivity. The office layout, wall colors, decoration and other surroundings can help or hinder the creativity and output produced. No wonder Google and many other companies spend so much attention and money on office buildings and furnitures.

What factors do you need to consider as you look to improve the working environment to boost productivity, creativity and employee retention for your company? Here are some ideas:

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7 (Not so) Secret Ways to Save on Electric Bills for Small Business

7 secret ways to save on eletric bills for small business
Many small business owners consider the cost of electricity as fixed and do not pay much attention to it. They receive a monthly bill in the mail, make a payment and move on with their daily business. For some, even if they want to do something about it, they feel helpless thinking that they do not have many options to save on electricity, other than to cut the usage.

While this may have been true in the past, many options have opened up recently that can help small business owners save money on their electric bills. Some of the options are driven by the elimination of monopoly and rise of competitors. Companies such as commercial electricity suppliers British Gas have been very proactive in helping business owners with ideas and presenting them with alternatives that can be tailored for specific situations.

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Impact of Mobile Credit Card Processing on Small Business

Impact of mobile credit card processing on small business
Mobile credit card processing is all the rage these days. It is one of the hottest topics of discussion for small business owners, and for the right reason. After a long time traditional credit card processors, such as Visa and Master Card, have found their business model undergoing dramatic change. Many companies have introduced mobile credit card processors aimed at helping small business owners. Small businesses have plenty of choices to satisfy the growing demand for mobile credit card processing services, which can make choosing the best mobile credit card processing company a daunting task.

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Best Practices in Small Business Website Design

Best practices in small business website design
Most website visitors take two-tenths of a second to decide whether they are going to stay on the website or not. This is a very narrow window of opportunity for small business owners to impress visitors and encourage a sale, which is why the design of a business website is very important. Pop Creative, a Miami web design company, encourages following best practices that will help your business website stand out amidst thousands of others just like yours.

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How Small Businesses can Meet Emergency Cash Needs

How small businesses can meet emergency cash needs
For small business owners, cash flow is equivalent to blood flow. When it is flowing well without hiccups the system (business) works just fine. You spend cash buying inventory, leasing equipment, making repairs or doing anything else that will help produce goods and services that you can sell to customers and receive cash in return. This cash can then be deployed again for the abovementioned purpose and the cycle continues. Hopefully, you are receiving more cash than spending it, resulting in positive cash flow.

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