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A History Lesson on Banking

During the American Revolution, an attempt was made to make currency as much a weapon of war as guns and canons. In 1775, the US revolutionary movement issued paper currency called Continentals, the purpose of which was to help fund the growing movement. The plan didn’t work out quite as well as the colonists had hoped, since the bills quickly lost their value; however, the precedent for the future of banking and finance in America had been set. Banking is almost as old as the country itself, and banks were seen as an important part of establishing independence. This infographic has more information in the history of banking in the US.

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5 Tips for Buying Software on a Budget

Gone are the days when everything technological comes with a hefty price. Today’s mass production of technological software and hardware made it very affordable for many people to buy them. Different software products provide various functionalities and conveniences for many people that they can use for personal or business uses. Legitimate software vendors offer several ways to cut the product cost and allow you to access or get it without shelling too much money.  Many brick and mortar business and online vendors that serve as third party sellers also provide some mechanisms to allow people to buy these software products in the fraction of their actual cost.

Here are some of the ways to purchase software on a budget:

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7 Tips for Accelerating Business Growth without Breaking a Bank

Every business wants to emerge successful and be profitable, but in order to expand you’re going to need a vision of what you want to achieve and a plan to get you there. You don’t want to waste time, but you also don’t want to waste money.

If you’re like most business owners, you have a lot of great ideas about how to grow. But maybe you’re so busy working hard in your business that during the day-to-day struggle, you run out of time to work on your great ideas. Making a guide for you to follow will help get everything done.

Let’s focus on what you can do to make your business boom by incorporating different ideas without diminishing your available funds.

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How to Increase Property Value with the Addition of a Deck

Every home owner wants to add extra value to their home. This comes in very handy when it comes time to put the property up for sale. There are many methods you can use to accomplish this important goal. For example, you may consider adding a few elements to your home to give it extra appeal. If you have been searching for a cost-effective way to add resale value to your home, an elevated deck may just do the trick. Giving potential home buyers a view of the surrounding area is always a sure-fire winner, especially if the location is prime.

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How to Effectively Manage Multiple Sales Channels

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Marketing and sales channels are a great way to build your brand awareness, generate leads and increase your sales. Although a direct sales team does bring consumers on board, a channel sales strategy is also beneficial. It isn’t replacement, but more of a complementary approach that can help you sell more and increase your clientele. Through such a setup, you associate yourself with channel partners and distributors, who will then sell your products. Obviously, you do have to pay them a margin, but that is only a fraction of the profits that you earn.

So, how do you manage all these sales channels effectively? There may be some challenges involved, but you can deal with all of them. Power2Motivate Australia can help you out in this regard. For now, here are some quick suggestions.

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4 Tips to Follow When Selling Your Business

You have nurtured a business venture for months, years, maybe even decades but you feel that now is the time to sell it. For any number of a myriad of reasons, you have come to the decision that it’s time for you to part ways and leave your entrepreneurial project in the capable hands of another like-minded businessperson. Your mind has been made up and you’re ready to set the wheels in motion, so what now?

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3 Tools to Solve Unique Everyday Problems

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Smartphones have made great progress in making our everyday life efficient and simple. There are number of websites and apps out there that delivering solutions to mundane problems in order to make life just that smidge more convenient. And not all of these are as frivolous as they might seem! These apps and websites could potentially help you drastically lower your expenses as well. Let’s look at the latest online technological developments that have been helping to solve first world problems.

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3 Ways to Cultivate High Employee Morale

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After nearly 15 years in the exhibit and trade show industry, entrepreneur Bev Gray started her company, now named Exhibit Edge, after a request for services from one of her clients. This was 25 years ago. Today, she stands at the helm of this, now, multimillion dollar enterprise. Her mission is to meet all the changing demands of exhibitors’ trade show needs in any venue. Throughout her career, she has discovered how important high employee morale is for any company. The following three steps reveal simple ways to develop it.

  1. Create opportunities for camaraderie

    A strong company culture doesn’t just happen nor can it be forced. It’s the responsibility of management to create an environment conducive for the growth of a supportive and successful team. To do so, a manager can schedule interactions between employees that support the type of culture that is desired. For example, Exhibit Edge has its “Daily Warm Up,” a brief stand up meeting where each person shares the previous day’s biggest accomplishment and their top 3 goals for the current day. This establishes an opportunity for employees to learn about their coworkers’ projects, stay up to date on company happenings, and build camaraderie. As a bonus, it’s also a change for management to identify any conflicts (and determine how to resolve them before they escalate).

  2. Share responsibility and authority

    Even the greatest entrepreneurs can’t control every aspect of their business. Moreover, it wouldn’t help their company if they did. There are many benefits to letting go and handing off responsibility to those who have proven themselves. Employees want to feel as though their work has significance and that it’s making an impact. Plus, most anyone wants to grow their career. By delegating authority to those who deserve it, managers will not only see more highly engaged employees, but they’ll also find more time to focus on what is most important. The expertise that makes someone qualified to manage others also makes their involvement in strategic business decisions much more valuable. Handing off the relatively less significant tasks frees time to focus on the critical ones.

  3. Communicate the bad — honestly

    Every business will endure tough times, and the worst thing a manager can do is to keep employees totally in the dark. Following 9/11 was a defining period for Exhibit Edge for this reason. After the tragic attack, few people were travelling, which meant many trade shows were cancelled. This translated into fewer opportunities for Exhibit Edge to generate revenue. However, all employees were sustained because the company focused on lowering overhead costs instead. Throughout this tumultuous time, management was open with the staff about the decisions being made and the intentions behind them. The employees felt vested in the outcome as a result, which led to them trying to help with the efforts to lower costs. Managers should always communicate with their team whether the message is positive or negative. It will produce engaged employees and a stronger company culture.

Online Fashion Portals – Present vs. Future

The popularity of fashion e-commerce portals has skyrocketed in India in the last 5 years. As a result of it, small to big brands selling apparels to lingerie are mushrooming day by day in various parts of the country. Consequently, they are giving a tough competition to the established physical stores who are also launching their online portals to get a hold of the whole online marketing scenario. However, their success rate is low in comparison to the e-commerce portals. There are various factors that give the fashion and apparel e-commerce in India a meteoric rise in the last couple of years.  Let us figure out their present standings and their future growth in India.

International brands, designer outfits, luxury watches etc. are now available on leading e-commerce sites and people prefer buying such expensive things online as they get discounts, cash back or points on every purchase. The e-commerce giants successfully assess the consumers’ mind in India and that’s why they have come up with the following tactics to make maximum profit.

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How to Ensure the Quality of Your Product Business

The two main types of business divide up into whether you are offering services or products. If you are offering the latter, one of the most important things that you need to think about is how you create high-quality products. After all, customer satisfaction is hugely important. If you have not impressed clients with what you have produced, they are significantly less likely to come back to you time and time again. The general principles of how you can ensure the quality of what you are producing are similar regardless of what sort of product business you are running. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at exactly how you can do this so you can keep your customers satisfied and run a successful business.

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