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It’s Time to Turn Your Company Green

Amid the predictions of climate change, and threats to the environment, all of us are being encouraged to go green, and not just at home. There are lots of things you can to do to make your small business more environmentally-friendly, from being more efficient with electricity to recycling the office waste. Here are some of the ways you can help your company go green.

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How to be More Productive When Working from Home

Everyone has a different idea of the ‘perfect’ working environment. Some prefer quiet, some like music. Some like a cold temperature, whilst others prefer a warmer room.

When you work from home, there are even more distractions than normal that stop you from getting your work done. Whether this be the children, the television, or just the food for your lunch you’ve been thinking of all morning, there are definite benefits to working in an office.

So how can you make your home workspace a nicer place to work in that will also make you more productive?

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How to Run and Grow Your Business on a Bootstrap Budget

Thanks to the growth of the online marketplace, anyone and everyone can become an entrepreneur without spending so much as a dime. With online marketing, social media and free management software, there has never been a better time to launch your startup on the cheap, but can a business ever achieve success without investment?

The reality is that businesses demand resources, so even the smallest startups will incur costs. The key is to know which areas of your business you can scrimp on, and where you should spend a little more to ensure steady growth.

If you’re grappling with a big idea and a small budget, then don’t despair. Instead of getting deeper into debt or shutting your concept down completely, read these low-cost strategies for running and growing your business on a bootstrap budget.

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7 Customer Service Tips for Business Strategy Success

Your customers form the backbone of your business. Because of them, your business grows. That’s why you need excellent customer service. It builds customer loyalty, improves customer retention and assists your long-term growth and success. As part of your successful business strategy, implement seven customer service tips today.

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Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing Works for Small Business

It is universally agreed that any organisation is only as good as the people who work within, and when sourcing key personnel, you need to be sure you are attracting the right calibre of person, and outsourcing your needs to an established recruitment agency is definitely the best solution. Here are just a few of the reasons why outsourcing your HR requirements is a good idea.

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Top 3 Reasons to Back up Your Business Data

Do you store important documents on USB sticks? Have you been working on an important memo on your laptop or smartphone but forgotten to transfer it to your desktop? We all know that technology is temperamental at the best of times, but have you taken time to back up your business data? Lost data not only takes times to replace, but it can also cost your business in the long term. Ineffective data management and storage can cause a financial disaster, no matter the size of your firm. So don’t leave it too late, or wait until data loss impacts your business. Make sure that your company and employees are fully briefed about what is at stake if business data is not effectively backed up.

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How can Tracking Software Help Streamline Your Business

Big corporations have armies of accountants that provide information on things like inventory management, order status, and other items that are vital to your business. But most cannabis producers got into this business to avoid such environments. Yet, the need remains, and this information is especially vital for every-dollar-counts startups.

A program like Trellis incorporates both your need for information and your need for flexibility. It has an easy to use platform that’s specifically designed for the cannabis production industry, and all the associated compliance and production issues.

Before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few issues to consider.

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How to Improve Productivity by Being Able to Access Files from Anywhere

What exactly is case management software? Well, the exact features differ from product to product, but CMS can serve as a case database, help you track time for billing, manage contacts, and much more. The strange thing is, many practices who are unaware of how accessible the tech has become still aren’t using it. Here are just a few ways it can help.

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Infographic: Drive Your Career with Your Own Van Business

For many people entrepreneurship provides the freedom and flexibility that no job in the corporate work can. While it does have it challenges and risks the potential for growing your business and career is enormous when you are in charge of your own destiny. You don’t have to start big to be the next Amazon or Google. Many successful business people started small from their own garage or van and persevere to become successful business owners they are today. You can start your own business from the back of the van like many have done. The Infographic below, courtesy of Van Monster, provides an excellent idea on how you can drive your career from the van.

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Pros and Cons of Using Linux as Business Operating System

An operating system is the central command that manages other activities on the computer. Majority of businesses are familiar with and run their computers on Windows operating system, though in some industries, iOS, an operating system in Apple computers is preferred. The third less known option you can consider is Linux. Linux is not a well-known name like Windows, but it contains powerful features that can be beneficial to businesses of all sizes. So, what is Linux and how it can be advantageous to you?

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