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Pipeline vs. Platform? Which One Should Your Business Choose?

Something very interesting is happening in the world of business. Thanks to digital technology, not only are businesses becoming more efficient but their whole identity. What a business actually is looks like it’s changing forever.

We used to think of companies as being entities that made something and sold it on to consumers. A chocolate factory, for instance, takes cocoa beans in at one end and spits out candy bars at the other. The production process is a pipeline.

But when you look at how many of the world’s top businesses are organised today, that old input-output model seems like it might be a thing of the past. What is striking is that all of the world’s top five most valuable businesses are tech companies which rely on networks for their value. In other words, they are a “platforms” for millions of users around the world to interact, buy products and share ideas.

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Why These States are Considered Good for Starting a Business

Geography doesn’t seem to matter much in the age of the internet. However, even companies operating entirely in the cloud need to be based somewhere. In the United States, some states maintain a reputation for being business-friendly year in and year out, enticing many startups to flock to their borders to open shop.

For instance, five years ago we pegged Utah, Texas, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Colorado as some of the best states for small business in terms of tax-friendliness and other factors. In the time which has passed, not much has changed. Sure, the exact rankings vary year to year and the criteria changes depending on which entity is doing the study, but these states still hold strong for attracting businesses.

Why though? We decided to take a closer look:

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5 Ways Social Media Marketing can Benefit Your Business

When social media got its start, some of us might have thought it was a passing fancy. Oh, how wrong we were. It’s only picking up momentum, and we’ve likely just skimmed the surface of this ever-growing trend. Not only do people use it as a means of connecting with one another on a personal level but businesses also use it more than ever to share information and to advertise. This is particularly helpful for small businesses trying to keep up with their bigger counterparts when it comes to competition. Wondering how social media for marketing can benefit your business? The possibilities are endless! As innovative “homevester” Nick Evans said of his business Frontier Properties, “Social media marketing is what took my company from start-up to success.” Read on for five ways it can benefit your business.

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5 Pro Tips to Keep Your Office Clutter Free

So, you’re sat at your desk working away, writing notes as you go and suddenly, you look up and it’s two years later and you’re surrounded by mess. Or, something like that. The point is, it’s not always easy to keep a clear office space when you’re busy. If your computer is covered in post-it notes and there are files everywhere, some of them covered in coffee mug rings, it may be time to de-clutter. Here are some tips for keeping a clear and functional office space.

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Entrepreneur Insight: How Small Businesses Can Make Huge Profits

If you’ve recently started a small business, you might wonder about the best strategies for making massive profits. Presuming you have products or services that people want to purchase, you just have to employ some of the ideas from this page. The basic rule of thumb is that you need to keep your outgoings as low as possible. We’ll show you how to do that today in the hope of pointing you in the right direction. The suggestions below are guaranteed to assist you in making the highest profits possible. You just might have to work a little harder than you expected. Still, it’s worth the effort if you become rich, right?

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Use These Health Strategies to Begin Looking and Feeling Your Best

Staying healthy is pre-requisite to managing a small business. When you think about the number of hours you have to spend while operating day-to-day business it is essential that you stay in the best shape. Failure to do so can put you on the sideline for days impacting you and your business. Staying healthy is a lifetime commitment. You need to deploy health strategy and stay committed to it on a regular basis. Use the strategies described below to look and feel your best when managing your business.

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Infographic: Increase Business Turnover Right Now

Increasing your turnover should also mean you boost your profits this year. So, it’s essential that all entrepreneurs focus on that goal. Depending on the nature of your operation, there could be thousands of ways to make that improvement. However, we’re going to mention some simple strategies on this page that should work across the board.

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5 Tips to Help Your Small Business Compete with Big Brands

When you’re the little fish in a big sea it’s difficult to be seen and heard. It’s important not to let that stop you from running a successful business. Small business owners need to understand that they’re just as valuable of a player as the big guys.

Start by challenging your thinking and living through a fighter mentality. If it’s what you believe in, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t compete. Ignite the passion behind your business and get serious about designing a plan that’s going to take you to the next level. See tips to help your small business compete with big brands.

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Run Your Business Better with These 10 Tools for Entrepreneurs

Life as an entrepreneur can be like that old quote about war: brief moments of pure adrenaline rush followed by extended periods of tedious marketing and administrative work. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be quite so grim. You can make working for yourself work for you with these 10 great tools that help entrepreneurs.

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4 Tips to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

It’s critical to produce work quickly in the office. This also includes making sure the work is done correctly. It’s tricky when you’re slammed with assignments and meetings throughout your day. There must be systems in place to allow you to do your job better. Avoid having to put more hours in each day by working smarter.

Look around and analyze how you and your team are completing the work. Look for any holes or gaps where there’s room to improve. Output is key to running a successful business and keeping up with your promises. See how to improve productivity in the workplace.

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