How to Take Advantage of YouTube to Market Your Business

A technical report on social media marketing revealed that social engagement is critical. Blogs are also a valuable tool. Enter YouTube. YouTube has also staked out its claim and become an essential mode of marketing.

Marketers across the world are using YouTube more frequently for marketing. With well over 1 billion users, who spend almost 100 million hours watching videos, the power of YouTube cannot be underestimated. In addition to that, YouTube is a leading search engine creating an influential platform for people looking into services or items. With a quick search for any product or service, you will see at least one review by a youtuber.

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How to Increase Business as a Mobile Phlebotomist

Becoming a mobile phlebotomist is far from easy – there are many obstacles in the way that prevent professionals from pursuing their dreams. Not only do such services require professionals to have the relevant certificates and training within their states, but they also need to take things into their own hands to ensure their business is a success. If you operate a mobile phlebotomist service, here’s how you can increase business to keep your head above water in a tough industry.

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Is Your Advertising Campaign Really Working?

All businesses need to make sure that potential customers can find them. As a result, it’s obvious that advertising is an important element of your business, whatever size you might be. Whether you’re self-employed and working from home, or a mega-corporation with a finger in every pie, if customers don’t know that you exist, how are they going to pay you for your services? Especially as most companies tend to run a number of advertising campaigns at once, it can be hard to tell which of them is working and which of them is simply wasting your advertising budget. Did your new customers find you from your radio advert, your social media campaign or the billboard poster on Main Street? Did they find you on Facebook but phone you on your mobile number? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then there’s a good chance that you are throwing money away that could be better spent.

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4 Step Process to Improve SEO Ranking of Your Business

Having a website to showcase your products and services is a must for any business in this digital age. However, just setting up a website and hoping that your prospective customers will somehow find it is not going to work when there are thousands of other businesses doing the same. You need to make sure it is easy for your customers to find your website and it shows up high up in the search engine results when prospective customers look for the products and services you sell. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help. SEO helps improve the ranking of your website in search results. It also helps you reach to prospective customers wherever they are looking. So, how do you improve the SEO ranking of your website? Here is a 4 step process you can deploy.

  1. Site Analysis

The first step in improving the website’s SEO ranking is to perform a thorough analysis of the site. The in-depth analysis should check existing links and ensure that they are still valid and point to the right website. The analysis should also check the performance of the website to make sure it is loaded quickly in different types of browsers as well as on mobile devices. Google punishes the websites that are not fast.

  1. Site Optimization

After you have analyzed the website the next step is to optimize it to ensure the webpages are categorized properly and right keywords are used. Using the keywords that are related to the products and services you are selling in your webpages will help Google and other search engines identify and categorize the website in a proper way.

  1. Link Building

Google’s algorithm favors those websites that receive links from other authoritative websites. The thinking is that if other websites consider yours good enough to link to others will find it useful as well. You should aim to find and link to the websites in your category that are considered of high quality and that receive high traffic. Having a link to your website in those pages will help you improve the ranking with Google and other search engines.

  1. Local SEO

Finally, your goal should be to have a high visibility in the locality in which you do your business. Even though many businesses are global these days there are still few that operate in the local city or state. For example, if you operate in Sydney, you should aim to tailor your approach to Sydney SEO. You should make sure that the local directories listing the businesses operating in your area have your business listed prominently. The ability of your customers to find you in the local listing will help grow your business significantly. Letting your customers provide review and feedback on those local directories is another way to improve your website visibility and traffic.

Setting up a website is a must for any business whether they are online or offline, but having the right SEO strategy is even more important to ensure the website is found and visited by your customers. With this 4-step approach you should be on your way to prominent placement in the online world.

How to Get the Most Out of Online Advertising Campaigns

Online advertising has grown exponentially in the last decade as you can see in the success of companies such as Google and Facebook. They have grown be multi-billion dollar businesses just by tapping into online advertising market. More and more businesses are moving their marketing spend from offline advertising such as newspaper and billboards to online media such as search results and videos. While there is no denying that the online advertising can provide great value you need to be careful about where and how you spend your marketing dollars to get the most return from your marketing investment. It helps to have a basic understanding of online advertising as well as figuring out how those ads are being placed.

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3 Reasons Print Media Still Has a Place in the Digital World

Communication has come a long way since Morse developed the telegraph in the 1830’s. From the radio to the television and computer, advances came along thick and fast in the 20th Century. But the advent of the internet truly revolutionised the world of communications. Unbound by geographical location, businesses can reach anyone, anywhere instantly, informing and collaborating on an unprecedented level. With the dawn of the digital era, many predicted the decline of print media, but recent data indicates that this isn’t necessarily the case. Here are three key demographic and geographical factors shaping the future for this sector:

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4 Ways Guest WiFi Can Boost Your Business Marketing

Marketing is key for many businesses. It’s the activity that helps your business survive through every eventuality, whether it’s reaching new customers or nourishing your current ones. But you may not be aware of the new internet marketing tactics that you can implement through your existing software.

One gambit is the free guest WiFi that you offer your customers. Forming an integral part of many offices and business locations, you’re able to turn your WiFi network into a marketing machine!

In this guide, we’ve shared four simple ways that your business can use guest WiFi to aid your current marketing strategy, as well as the tactics that you can use to nurture your existing customers:

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How to Create a Brand Logo That Attracts Customers

Humans are visually oriented beings. Imagery sparks the brain to retain information faster and for longer periods of time than text alone. Including visual elements in your branding is essential if you want to capitalize on this tendency and make your brand stand out from the others in your field.

One of the best visual elements you can have is a logo. It’s highly portable, able to appear in any marketing channel. And it’s easy to recognize, helping you connect with customers quickly. At least, a good logo can do all these things. Here is how you can create a good logo for your small business.

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Are catalogues still effective in the digital age?

The digital age has changed marketing in many ways for businesses – with the introduction of a new digital platform that your audience can engage with. But what does that mean for the future of traditional methods, such as catalogues? Letterbox distribution specialist DLM reveals catalogues actually still have a place with many businesses and consumers.

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