Do You Use the Full Power of Eye Catching Banner for Small Business Marketing?

When it comes to marketing, modern-day businesses seem to be pre-occupied with online techniques and digital media. While these represent important components of any successful marketing campaign, it is important to remember that an integrated strategy that incorporates offline disciplines offers the best possible chance of long-term success. With this in mind, you should consider how printed materials and similar offline products can be created to promote your brand and venture. In terms of offline print materials, banners are particularly effective. Not only can they be created to incorporate striking imagery and bold colours, but they can also be placed anywhere within a predetermined location. Let’s look at the three most important considerations when creating a marketing banner:

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How Video Production can Help Business Owners Showcase Products

Video Production
Any business that sells products needs to find the best way advertise their goods, as this is how you communicate to your audience and explain why they should choose you over the competition. It is difficult do this through text and images. Often these adverts will unfortunately go unnoticed. Instead, it is much better to produce a video featuring the products. This is the most engaging form of media, and it is also one which lends itself well to advertising. With a video you have the ability to construct a narrative through audio and visual elements, and this also enables businesses to show their product in action too. If your company sells laptops for example, then a well produced video that shows the laptop working will be much more beneficial than a photo of the laptop next to a wall of text.

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How to attract new customers to Grow your Business

Successful SMEs need to be constantly pushing, evolving and growing. It is a fact of any business that you will lose some customers to competition periodically, that is why attracting new customers should a key part of your future growth. They can replace the lost business to competition, and help grow your business by providing new source of growth. It does take considerable effort and time to attract new customers. Here are five ways to reach out to tomorrow’s customers, today.

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Direct Mail Campaign at Low Cost

Direct Mail
There is a good reason why businesses have been using direct mail for over 100 years – it works! Direct mail is highly targeted and has a much higher response rate than other forms of marketing. Nearly 8 in 10 consumers respond to direct mail by searching online or visiting the brand’s own website, a powerful demonstration of how direct mail can drive traffic and increase online sales.

Despite its proven power to deliver results, many businesses still worry about the costs involved. While it obviously costs more to send a piece of direct mail than it does to send an email, emails are far more likely to get ignored or deleted. Direct mail costs are more manageable than most companies think and return on investment is high. Here are 5 tips for how to keep costs down on your first direct mail campaign.

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Savvy Tips to Drive Per-Inquiry Advertising Success

Pay per click advertising
Pay-per-click is still one of the more common investments within a content marketing strategy, and for good reason. Compared to other types of advertising investments, this is among the easiest to manage, track and refine over time, thanks to increasing integration of metrics systems into major search engine product offerings.

However, while a rudimentary per-inquiry advertising program can be enough to drive at least some conversion rates, taking these initiatives to the next level can have more substantial benefits to the business over time. After all, leaders will be looking for high returns on investment in the modern Internet marketing arena, and more refined approaches to pay-per-click can yield stronger results.

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7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Kill Marketing Campaign

Facebook advertising is gaining momentum as a viable option for many businesses. Paid advertising can put your content and business in front of more people, generate leads and sales and build your social media following.

The problem is for every successful Facebook advertiser, there is another one who claims Facebook ads are a waste of money and don’t get results. That’s most likely because they made one (or more) of the following mistakes and killed their own advertising campaign.

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How can Small Businesses Promote Products with Regifting

How Small Businesses can Promote Products with Regifting
While the practice was once frowned upon, more people have acknowledged regifting as socially acceptable. Some items lend themselves better to the process, but for the most part, consumers are both happy and willing to accept any products that have been regifted. Companies can take advantage of this growing trend by distributing promotional products that are both useful and attractive to customers. Once considered considered tacky or tasteless regifting is no longer considered a taboo.

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The State of Social Media in 2013

The State of Social Media in 2013
The social media continued to command attention from consumers, publishers and advertisers alike in 2013. Consumers still cannot live without accessing their Facebook account almost every day. They cannot stop showing pictures of their favorite food or vacation spot on Instagram. Because of this publishers cannot afford not to pay attention to social media sites to get in front of their audience. The end effect is that advertisers have taken notice of this increasing trend in social media and have started spending more money on social media sites. Any vendor or publisher who does not have social media strategy stands to lose customers and audience members.

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7 Fantastic Tips for Building Great Brand for Small Business

7 tips for creating great brand for small business
Building a brand for your business can create long-term competitive advantage and add thousands of dollars of additional business. Branding your business is all about giving the audience something to remember you by. All the greats (names like Apple, Samsung, Coca Cola and Nike) know that you have to become a part of consumer culture if you want to be a household name. It is equal parts knowing your audience, as in the case of Old Spice, where the target audience was receptive to over the top masculinity, and knowing your product. In today’s landscape, you have to be proactive if you want to develop a brand that will resonate with consumers. We describe below 7 fantastic tips you can use to build and sustain great brand for your business.

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Flash Marketing – The Power of One Day Events

Flash marketing
Few marketing events provide as much return on investment as flash event where you select a theme and arrange entertaining and engaging program to match the theme housed within an elegant venue. You can find examples of this type of events during new product launches or major corporate announcements. The surprise factor resulting from the event theme can generate lot of buzz and media coverage. The more out of ordinary and intriguing the event the better media coverage and higher return on your investment you will receive.

The key to success for this type of events is to plan in advance and create a theme that highlights the message you are trying to deliver. In addition, you need to have a surprise for the participants and media so that when they finally come across it their mouths are wide open and can’t stop posting the pictures on social media and they keep telling their friends about it long after the event is over. So, how can you plan and execute such an event? Read on to find the tips.

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