Proven Tips to Reduce Operating Cost in Small Business

Office Space
When you are starting your own business and trying to make it a success it, last thing you want is to end up throwing money down the drain on simply running your office. Certainly office expenses can stack up very quickly, so if you are not careful you could end up wasting money on unnecessary expenses in keeping your firm up and running. However, with a few tips and tricks described below you can save good money in the office, while continuing to give the best possible impression to anyone who comes through the door.

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4 Marketing Mistakes Small Business Should Avoid

Marketing Mistakes
Poor marketing is one of the top 10 reasons small businesses end up closing their doors. Strong marketing and sales strategies can have a massive effect on the success of the business overall.

Most small businesses create social media pages, advertise with local papers, and create a website and think that most of the advertising is done. They neglect to make the most of the digital outlets available to them. This could be out of ignorance of what is available, or it could just be that they are hesitant to spend too much money on marketing. Regardless of the reason, neglecting a strong sales and marketing campaign can be crippling to any business.

It is important to remember that money has to be spent in order to make larger profits. Large corporations figured this out, and that is why so many of them have large and successful marketing campaigns.

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How Safe is Your Business from Hackers?

How safe is your computer system from hackers
Security breaches have become common occurrence in our lives. Every morning brings with it news about website attack or stolen data. At times it seems unless you leave in a cave completely isolated from the external world it is impossible to keep your computers secured from prying eyes. The media talks about large scale attacks, such as the Target security breach that occurred over Christmas, but there is a hacking attack happening every second in some part of the world. Even our own governments are snooping on their citizens as Edward Snowden proved.

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How to Ship Your Vehicle Overseas Cost Effectively

How to ship your venicle overseas cost effectively
The shipping of vehicles overseas is now as easy as counting to three – with certain companies, all of the work is taken care of on your behalf. A lot of them can deliver to destinations almost anywhere in the world, and you will also get a choice on how your vehicle is shipped.

It is becoming more and more common for people to ship their car overseas for number of reasons. Its increase in popularity is largely because the procedure has become simple and straightforward. Cars, motorbikes, trucks and other kinds of vehicles are now delivered to destinations all around the world. There are number of companies that can do this for you and handle all the customs forms and formalities.

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Case Studies in Growing Business by Going Green

Case studies in growing business by going green
Going green is trendy, but many question its benefits and wonder if the initial investment associated with going green is worth it. However, more and more organizations, large and small, are taking this path less travelled and finding the journey not only enjoyable, but profitable as well. The businesses featured below took various paths in their journey to common destination of green and saw significant improvement in their carbon footprint and profits. Read on and let us know if you think your business can achieve the same results by going green.

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What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Company Car?

What factors to consider when choosing a company car
Buying a car for business purpose needs careful consideration even for those business owners who are looking to buy just few cars for themselves or their employees. Of course, large corporations spend lot of time and effort in selecting fleet cars by inviting RFPs from multiple vendors and negotiating for months. Small business owners do not need to go to this length, but they still need to consider number of important factors when considering the business car purchase.

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5 Ways to Tackle the Most Dreaded Item on Your To-do List

Is there a better feeling than crossing something off your To-do list? Big or small, completing any assignment will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which, in turn will motivate you to keep plowing through the list. I actually know someone whose first item on any to-do list is “make list” so that she can scratch it off immediately. Yes, I’m embarrassed for her.

Some tasks, unfortunately, are not completed or deleted that easily.  You know, those pain-in-the-neck projects that you dread the most – the ones that never seem to get done. We all have a task or two that’s taken up permanent residence on our To-do list. It’s like the party guest who just won’t leave, who you’d hide in the coat closet to avoid talking to. Peek out from behind the parkas, and sure enough, he’s still there, double dipping his chips and boring everyone to tears.

When something on your To-do list is bringing the whole party down, it’s time to shake its hand and show it the door! Here are five easy tips to help you tackle that beast, once and for all:

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How to Create Great Business Brand – The Ultimate Guide

How to create great brand
Let’s do an experiment. Close your eye and think of the first word that comes to mind when I say Apple. How about McDonald’s? Prada? If your answers were something like elegance, Happy Meal and luxury, respectively, you understand the power of brand. A brand can create vivid images in your mind of a business. It can also create powerful emotions in people’s brains. No wonder large businesses spend millions in creating and protecting their brands. The brand doesn’t have to be the purview of large companies only. Small business can, and must, do everything in their capacity to cultivate and manage their brand image.

Just what is a brand?

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Top 5 Telemarketing Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid

Top Five Telemarketing Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid
Few professions are hated with as much passion as telemarketing. Even businesses hate receiving sales calls, and for good reason. The marketing or sales call is an interruption – usually with the intent of selling something that the business never asked for. Many businesses fail to understand this and continue to rely on old tactics of telemarketing to increase their sales. So, how do you switch from becoming an unwanted pest to a welcomed guest? Stop making the same mistakes that everyone else is making.

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Information Security Breaches: Top Tips for a Swift Recovery

Information Security Breaches
Big or small, all businesses are at risk from a very wide range of information security threats. Given the recent trend of businesses being mostly reliant on the internet for communication as well as business operations, all companies are now vulnerable to hackers, viruses and a whole host of other dangers.

It’s nearly inevitable that your company will suffer from a security breach at some point, unless your security system is rigid and constantly updated and reviewed. Up to 93 percent of large businesses in the UK had at least one security breach last year, with 87 percent of small businesses suffering from one – a 76 percent increase from a year ago!

If your company sustains an attack, it is vital that you respond swiftly and confidently, in order to prevent further damage.

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