How to Utilise Web Scraping Tools to Bolster Real Estate Business

The real estate market can be a volatile place for the novice newcomer. Reaping the benefits of the lucrative opportunities that it offers can be a dauntingly complicated task without the right assistance. Unfortunately for many, this help often comes in the form of expensive consultancy that can add an additional price tag to an already costly venture.

When we think of real estate, the idea of online or digital tools will rarely come to mind as a source of informative advice and analytics. However, there are an abundance of rarely discussed sources of information for those hoping to reap the benefits possible with Australia’s ever-changing home market.

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How to Prepare for Emergency Ahead of Time in Small Business

Things don’t always run as smoothly as you would expect in a small business. This is why you have to be able to react quickly to all kinds of situations and be ready for all types of problems and emergencies. For example, if the pizza oven breaks down in the local pizzeria he has no choice but to fix it right away no matter what the cost is. Having a good rolodex with the names of service providers who can react quickly and fix your problems on a moment’s notice is very important. Here are some of the critical service providers you need to keep handy in case of emergency.

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Smartphone conversions will catch up with desktops – but only if you let them

Despite industry-wide predictions and warnings, many digital marketers still focus heavily on their desktop’s conversion rate whilst leaving mobile devices as an afterthought.

Conversion rates on smartphones are growing fast. They might not have caught up with desktops just yet, but the rate of growth on desktops isn’t nearly as fast as that on smartphones.

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Polyurethane Coatings: The Best Floor Coating for Business

In the industrial world, there are many different uses for polymers. There are even more products all around us that use polymers you might haven’t notice. The reason for their popularity is the versatility this material provides. One common use for this type of material is for industrial flooring. Using polymers for industrial flooring provides number of benefits as can be seen below.

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Best Practices to Recruit and Retain Employees in Food and Hospitality Industry

Food and hospitality industry is notorious for high employee turnover. It is not uncommon to find annual turnover in excess of 100% for the businesses in this industry. This translates into having an entirely new staff pretty much every year! The toll on your business from this high turnover is very significant. You are constantly looking for new employees and training them while trying to provide excellent customer service expected by your customers.

It is in the best interest of business owners to recruit and retain the employees, especially the best ones. It takes a long time to find good employees and train them. It is not only the amount of time it takes, but also the effort and money you have to spend is very significant. So what can you do find and retain the best employees for your food and hospitability establishment?

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3 Tips to Choose the Perfect Vehicle for Your Career as a Taxi Driver

Any taxi driver who is new to the industry will be eager to get on the roads and start their new career. However, it is crucial that you do not rush the process of choosing the perfect vehicle for the job. The car that you use is the most important aspect of your profession and will be vital to your success.

With the right vehicle, you will be able to safely and efficiently deliver your customers from A to B, plus it will also be comfortable and enjoyable for you to drive. Here are most important factors you need to consider:

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4 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Must Monitor Online Reviews

“Writers … fall into two groups: those who bleed copiously and visibly at any bad review, and those who bleed copiously and secretly at any bad review.” Isaac Asimov specified writers in this famous quote, but his words could apply to business owners as well. You might be too emotionally attached to read what Yelpers are saying about your brainchild, but someone in your business needs to keep an eye on review sites. Explore four reasons why you shouldn’t ignore those online reviewers.

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Will Your Business be Ready when Disaster Strikes?

In today’s globalized world, it’s all too easy to imagine disaster striking at the heart of your business. Take a moment to mull over some of the scares we’ve had recently that could derail your business. Last year, Computer Weekly reported on the distinct chance that we could see a new flu pandemic. Global terrorism in the summer of 2016 targeted two-dozen different countries, including the US. Flooding destroyed thousands of homes and businesses in Louisiana. And wildfires are still ravaging parts of California.

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4 Etiquette to Keep in Mind When Attending an Online Business Meeting

Years of practice and experience will likely have already taught you the correct etiquette and customs to use during meetings to make them successful. Online conferences through video software are a relatively new phenomenon, but one that has been proven to be so useful and productive that it has already dominated the workplace in just a few short years. While many of the same basic principles apply to these online meetings, there are still some pieces of etiquette to keep in mind that work differently when talking online. It is a good idea to pick up these habits early so that they become second nature and don’t negatively affect you in the future. Here are just a few things to keep in mind during your next meeting:

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How Alternative Commute Options Can Benefit Your Business

As a business owner, you are constantly making decisions which will help to ensure optimum levels of productivity and keep your employees satisfied at work. Supporting different commute options for your employees can be a great way to help keep your business thriving by improving productivity, reducing stress, saving money, helping the environment and even making a contribution to the local community. Business owners and employers actually have a lot more to gain than they may realise when it comes to supporting transportation options for their workforce. Helping your employees to find alternative commute options rather than racking up more mileage for their vehicles can help to reduce pollution, improve employee health and well-being, and reduce traffic congestion.

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