How can Small Businesses Promote Products with Regifting

How Small Businesses can Promote Products with Regifting
While the practice was once frowned upon, more people have acknowledged regifting as socially acceptable. Some items lend themselves better to the process, but for the most part, consumers are both happy and willing to accept any products that have been regifted. Companies can take advantage of this growing trend by distributing promotional products that are both useful and attractive to customers. Once considered considered tacky or tasteless regifting is no longer considered a taboo.

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Flash Marketing – The Power of One Day Events

Flash marketing
Few marketing events provide as much return on investment as flash event where you select a theme and arrange entertaining and engaging program to match the theme housed within an elegant venue. You can find examples of this type of events during new product launches or major corporate announcements. The surprise factor resulting from the event theme can generate lot of buzz and media coverage. The more out of ordinary and intriguing the event the better media coverage and higher return on your investment you will receive.

The key to success for this type of events is to plan in advance and create a theme that highlights the message you are trying to deliver. In addition, you need to have a surprise for the participants and media so that when they finally come across it their mouths are wide open and can’t stop posting the pictures on social media and they keep telling their friends about it long after the event is over. So, how can you plan and execute such an event? Read on to find the tips.

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Small Business Owners – Get the Most out of Trade Shows with These Tips

Get the most out of trade shows with these tips
Trade shows are a great place to market your business and get new customer leads. You have many of your potential customers in place, who are there for the purpose of looking at new products and businesses. They have even paid to come there. What could be a better place to showcasing what you have to offer to these customers?

While you can achieve great benefits from these trade shows it takes considerable planning and effort to showcase your business and products. You also need to keep in mind that there are many other businesses, like yours, who are also there for the same purpose. You need to make sure you are ready to spend time and effort required to attend these shows before making a commitment. By following these tips on what to do before, during and after the show you will be able to get your money’s worth, and more from trade shows.

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The long-term benefits of promotional items

The long-term benefits of promotional items
Small business owners are concerned with many different metrics when it comes to their marketing campaigns. After all, numbers never lie and they can help company leaders determine how successful their branding initiatives are. Return on investment is arguably the most important figure to most entrepreneurs, but there’s another one that they should consider – longevity.

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How to Make Boring Products Exciting and Improve Sales

How to make boring products exciting
There’s nothing exciting about a razor blade, right? How about online budgeting software? Total snoozer. Contact lenses? No way. These are some of the most boring products you will find in the market. Yet, each of these products has been successfully marketed online. Dollar Shave Club has made shaving and razors exciting and cool. Mvelopes has transformed the way people think about something as boring as budgeting. The LensStore is creating a buzz about eye glasses. What did these companies do to generate excitement and how can you do something similar with your mundane commodity?

They took the product beyond itself and utilized online, offline and social channels by promoting stories around the product. This is what differentiates great marketers from mediocre ones. With the advent of internet and social media it has become easier than ever to share your stories to large number of audience. Below we provide tips on how to do it.

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How to Sell Excess Inventory Quickly without Marking it Down

How to sell excess inventory without marking it down
Every business finds a need to get rid of excess inventory quickly at some point. You may end up with excess inventory for number of reasons. Clothing retailers need to sell remaining winter jackets at the end of winter. You may misjudge consumer preference and buy too much of pink trousers that are no longer trendy. You might even find a need to free up some cash and one way to do it is to sell excess inventory.

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How Professional Signage can Benefit Small Businesses

How can professional signs benefit small business
These days you are bound to encounter signs advertising products or business no matter where you go. They have taken over the shops, roads, clothing and even toilets. Some people even had crazy idea of putting tattoos on their body advertising a product and getting paid for it. While the last one may be extreme there is no argument that your business sign is one of the most important marketing elements that needs careful attention and planning.

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Can Better Packaging Improve Sales for Small Business?

Can better packaging improve sales for small business
Next time you go to the mall pay close attention to the bags people are carrying. You will find many sizes and styles. You will find some bags that are just so good that you don’t care what’s inside you will want to go to the store just to get the bag. Do you form an opinion about the content of the package or the business providing the bag based on its appearance?

Such is the power of packaging. Some businesses, especially luxury retailers, pay as much attention to the packing as they do to the products they sell. After all, customers form opinion about the business based on their first impression of the package.

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Walking Billboards!! Benefits of Placing Company Logo on Clothes

Walking Billboard - benefits of placing company logo on clothes
Some people may not agree, but billboards are still relevant in this age of digital advertising. They offer great visibility to businesses in a very cost-effective way. For one thing, they are always there. People do not have to hunt for them. When designed right, they can catch people’s eyes and make lasting impression on their minds.
Wouldn’t it be even more effective if you could take those billboards and make them mobile so that they can be put in front of the people in multiple places? This is exactly putting the company logo and other brand building advertisements on the clothes people wear can do. This is similar to putting Facebook’s “Sponsored Stories” in people’s news page, except the story moves around and gives exposure in front of hundreds of people.
Businesses can incorporate the promotional logo clothing in multiple ways. The most common is giving T-shirts with your corporate logo to visitors and customers at Trade shows and other such places. You can also ask your employees to wear them while they are on duty. They will probably wear them even when they are not working. No matter how you do it placing corporate logo on clothes provides excellent visibility to your business in addition to other benefits described below.
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5 Lies Marketers Tell to Small Business Owners

What good is the marketer if he cannot help you sell the “Brooklyn Bridge” that you (supposedly) own? After all, the job of the marketer is to help business owners sell their products no matter how bad the product may be! But before the marketer can sell that “Brooklyn Bridge” he needs to sell himself to you, the business owners, and convince you that he is the right person for the job. And therein lies the potential issues with hiring marketers.
The marketers will do anything to get your business, even if it means stretching the truth – commonly known as lying. There are many marketers who promise the moon to business owners and make them spend money on the programs that don’t produce any results. I have always maintained that business owners first need to focus on business fundamentals before spending money on marketing. My 5 fundamental rules of marketing highlight these points. I also showed why business owners should not waste their money by making common marketing mistakes Here I will show 5 promises (lies) marketers make that you, as a business owner, need to be wary of.
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