Ultimate Guide on How to (Re)Gain Your Financial Freedom

8 out of 10 Americans are living in debt – it’s a fact!

Being financially independent and living life without debt burden on your back is a commodity that very few of us can truly afford.

Since you are on this page and are reading this, chances of you having a loan that you’re paying off are very high. Don’t worry, as in this article, we’ll talk over some of the key things you’ll need to do to become debt-free (again).

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A History Lesson on Banking

During the American Revolution, an attempt was made to make currency as much a weapon of war as guns and canons. In 1775, the US revolutionary movement issued paper currency called Continentals, the purpose of which was to help fund the growing movement. The plan didn’t work out quite as well as the colonists had hoped, since the bills quickly lost their value; however, the precedent for the future of banking and finance in America had been set. Banking is almost as old as the country itself, and banks were seen as an important part of establishing independence. This infographic has more information in the history of banking in the US.

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Financial Strategies for New Small Businesses

We covered a lot of things about starting a new business in past articles. In a previous article, for example, we talked about the things you need before starting a new business. We also talked about how to get funding, different ways to develop a product idea, and much more.

Getting the business started is only the beginning. The real challenge is getting the business going in the right direction. This means managing every part of the business correctly, including the business finances. You need the right financial strategies for your new business and we have the best ones right here in this article.

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How to Get Out of Debt with the Help of a Debt Settlement Lawyer

If you are struggling with debt, it may be in your best interest to contact a debt settlement lawyer. This individual will specialize in helping people reduce or possibly eliminate their debts altogether.

Just thinking about that should put you in the right frame of mind, because getting rid of your debt in its entirety will lift a huge burden off your shoulders. You’ll finally be able to get your financial life back in order if your debt has been spiraling out of control.

But why hire a debt settlement lawyer?

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Biggest Challenges of Business Growth, Revealed

While the vast majority of small business and startup owners have the goal of growing their business, few understand how much work and effort it takes. Running a company that employs a dozen or so people is a vastly different experience to one that has a staff list in the thousands and offices all over the globe. And the road to success is full of pitfalls, which, if you aren’t careful, could see your business go down the tubes. It is vital for new business owners to recognize and overcome these pitfalls – so here are a few of the biggest growth challenges you will face.

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Smart Tips for Managing Small Business Cash Flow during Rapid Growth

You would think that an increase in orders and growing interest in your business would be good news all round as it means that your company is expanding, but without the right amount of cash flow to support that growth, it could spell trouble.

There are plenty of examples of business owners who have not been able to survive their growing pains because of a lack of cash to support their expansion, so you need to plan for what lies ahead.

Here is a look at some ways to keep on top of cash flow. There are some tips on keeping your business and personal expenses away from each other, an insight on what cash flow actually means, and details on how to produce a cash flow statement to help stay on top of your money.

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4 Useful Tips to Follow When Applying for Installment Loan

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Long-term personal loans or installment loans can come in handy if you need a considerably large sum of money but you don’t have or don’t want to deposit collateral as a guarantee. Term loans or installment loans are useful if you want money to start a business, pursue higher education, go on a trip, or for a renovation of your home or business.

These loans are consumer-friendly despite the fact that the rate of interest is generally higher than loans which require collateral because these loans are predictable. The money you have to pay per installment is small and you get a considerably longer period of time to repay than a short-term loan.

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How can Students Benefit from Short-term Loan Providers

Getting higher education by attending college is more important than ever in this global economy. At the same time, it has become more challenging to support the cost of attending the college. Ideally, students attending the college should not have to worry about how they are going to pay for it and instead focus their effort on gaining knowledge and studying, but in reality it doesn’t work that way.

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Is it Possible to Start a Small Business on a Budget?

Many would be entrepreneurs think that it takes a lot of money and courage to start a small business. They held back by this belief and wait for the right moment to come. Nothing could be further from truth. Starting a small business on a budget is not only possible, but your fellow business owners and entrepreneurs are doing it every single day. Obviously, you are going to need money, but the question you’ll want to know is how much and, unfortunately, I can’t help you with a figure because every industry is completely different and they all come with a range of different costs. But I can provide you with valuable tips that will help you get there. Continue reading to find out what they are.

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How to Deal with Debt-Dodgers in the 21st Century

Debt Dodger
Swiss cheese is known for being holy. Not in the religious sense, but in the sense that there are a lot of holes in the food. As a result, many plans, campaigns, or entities who have weaknesses in their egress are often compared to Swiss cheese. One comparison that is extremely apt in modernity is the juggernaut of bureaucracy that impedes first-world business today. From taxes to zoning, employee benefits, lawsuits, and more, it becomes very difficult to run a big-ticket business successfully. What’s even worse is that even those who should be in the business of helping you obtain autonomy will stab you in the back. Business in today’s world has a cutthroat aspect difficult to deny. One of the ways lucrative throats are slit, letting their investment capital bleed out, is through avoided invoices.

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