3 Creative Ways to Supplement Income

Despite decent recovery in the last 3-4 years the economic climate still remains unstable. Economic growth in Europe is stuck near zero, while Japan has fallen into recession, again! There remains a large gap between rate of inflation and growth in national average wage increase. This makes it very hard for average household to run household and save money. Finding additional source of income can help mitigate this gap by providing boost to your income and financial flexibility. Consider 3 creative steps below to find out how you can do it:

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Should You Tap into Home Equity Loans for your Cash Needs?

The recession affected those living in the United States in number of different ways. Some people lost hours at work, which made caring for their families difficult, and others found themselves drawing unemployment and scrambling to find a new job. The recession also did lot of damage to the housing market. More homes went on the market than there were buyers, which led to homes selling for well below market value. As many found themselves trying to rebound from the recession, they often looked at equity lines to cover the costs they have.

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Discovering New Ways to Get Quick Financing

Discovering New Ways to Get Quick Financing
Many people today find themselves needing cash in between paydays. When they have unexpected bills to pay or want to bulk up their bank accounts until they get paid, they may wonder what financing options are available to them. Rather than take out a bank loan or risk being turned down for money today, they can learn more about options like cash advances by going online.

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3 Funding Options to Grow Your Business. How to Pick the Right One

3 funding options to grow your business
A company’s capital refers to the money it has received from its owners, third party investors, or stock-holders. This money is provided as a method of fuel for the company. Many company owners have a lot of great ideas on how they can successfully grow their companies and thus their profits, but they may not always have the necessary funds to execute those ideas. This is where capital comes in.

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7 Funding Options to Solve Cash Flow Crisis in Your Business

7 Funding Options When Your Business Has a Cash Flow Crisis
Cash flow crisis is the primary reasons most small businesses fail. If you don’t watch cash flow like a hawk your business will end up in trouble sooner rather than later, and in many cases this may prove fatal. Nevertheless, many small businesses will encounter cash crunch at some point in their existence. How you deal with can determine whether your business will be able to survive or meet the graveyard. The immediate action you need to take when facing cash flow challenge is to find found sources that can provide cash on a short-term basis and help you meet your cash obligations to your creditors and employees. Below we describe 7 options you can explore to find cash needed to keep your business going.

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How Small Businesses can Meet Emergency Cash Needs

How small businesses can meet emergency cash needs
For small business owners, cash flow is equivalent to blood flow. When it is flowing well without hiccups the system (business) works just fine. You spend cash buying inventory, leasing equipment, making repairs or doing anything else that will help produce goods and services that you can sell to customers and receive cash in return. This cash can then be deployed again for the abovementioned purpose and the cycle continues. Hopefully, you are receiving more cash than spending it, resulting in positive cash flow.

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3 Must Read Financial Tips for New Business Owners

Financial tips for new business owners
It is said that more than 60% of new businesses fail within 2 years of operation. Majority of these businesses fail because they run into financial trouble – they cannot generate sufficient cash flow to keep with the expenses, they have not saved enough to survive the first year when revenue are still being generated or they simply go on a spending binge and run out of cash in a short time. While you can always seek investors or business loans to get funding in the initial stage of your business, those who have done it will tell you that it is not as easy as it sounds. Successful entrepreneurs and business owners know that having a financial savvy, especially for new business owners, is one of the most important requirements to succeed at business. So, here are the 3 most important tips to keep in mind as you are working on building the next Starbucks or Google.

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Small Business Owners – Do you have Long-term Saving Plan?

Long term saving plan for small business owners
If you are like most small business owners you don’t pay enough attention to saving for the long-term. After all, when you can invest money in your own business and get higher return than saving at a bank why wouldn’t you reinvest in your business instead of saving it. Many business owners do not even keep their personal and business finances separate. Their accounts and expenses are intertwined moving money from personal to business and vice versa all the time.

This could be a big mistake. As much as you would like to invest your money back in the business this can create number of issues potentially not only impacting you, but your family too. First of all, if something goes wrong with the business you could lose it all with no rainy day fund to tap into. The tax authorities will also come down hard in audits if you cannot show how your personal and business finances are kept separate.
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Do’s and Don’ts of Small Business Credit

If you have not paid much attention to business credit the time to do it is now. For small business owners, business credit is like a lifeline, an insurance against unexpected expenses that might come out of nowhere. Business credit gives you peace of mind with the knowledge that you will not have to scramble to borrow money on a short notice to meet emergency financial obligation.
Look no further than what Ford did before the great recession of 2009 hit the world. Ford had established a huge line of credit by mortgaging pretty much everything they had, including their namesake blue logo! When recession did arise and all the banks shut their doors to business loans Ford could borrow from the line of credit and continue investing for the future. When both, GM and Chrysler, filed for bankruptcy protection, Ford was not only able to avoid it, but position itself to take advantage of upturn.
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What can Small Business Owners learn from Greek Crisis

Unless you have been hiding in a cave for the last couple of years you know Greece is on the verge of economic collapse on the scale not seen before. The unemployment rate is a staggering 22% and they are expected to default on their loans unless they receive yet another round of financial help from their neighbors and EU partners.
While it may be tempting to think of Greek situation as unique, it is not far-fetched to think of an analogous scenario for small businesses. After all, as we show below the reasons behind Greek crisis are prevalent in many of the businesses – both large and small. That’s why Greek crisis holds important lessons for business owners in how not to get into the financial disaster. Below is our attempt to explore reasons behind Greece’s failure and how they apply to small business owners.
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