7 Great Ways to Turn Your Office Green While Saving Money

Ever since the industrial revolution we’ve been trying our hardest to destroy the planet. As you can see from the impending global warming epidemic it looks like we’ve nearly succeeded! Manufacturing has unfortunately played a big part in the downfall of our planet.

Not all businesses have the same effect on the environment. Offices are a lot less toxic, yet they could play a part in helping the environment. Would you make the necessary changes if you were saving money while helping the environment at the same time? If so, let’s look at a few ways you can do it.

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5 Ways Businesses Can Reduce Cost with SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the most popular strategy that all digital marketers are applying today. Entrepreneurs and webmasters spend a fair amount of money to optimize their websites for SERP.

This is because many visitors on the internet still use the search engine to look for products and services. Consequently, businesses want to take advantage of this fact by doing everything to divert such visitors to their websites. However, it is easier said than done.

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How to Get the Most Out Of Used Computers

In today’s world, so many people do their best to make sure that they have the latest computer equipment. As soon as a new model of phone or desktop comes out, people rush to the stores to make sure that they have something that takes full advantages of today’s most modern equipment. The problem with that is so many of our favorite programs were created years ago and new editions haven’t necessarily been improvements. It’s perfectly natural to want to have the most powerful equipment. For some, though, it’s more important to have the equipment that works well with older programs that were great.

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8 Common Accounting Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Commit

There is nothing better than building a successful business. The kind that enables any entrepreneur to deliver superior services than all of his competitors. While passion may energize you, there is another side of the business that can equally drain you… accounting! There is hardly any business owner that wakes in the morning, excited by the idea of balancing transactions. Needless to say, accounting is key to business success. Every business owner should monitor their accounting closely in order to avoid making these common mistakes:

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How to make Sure Your Seasonal Business Stays Afloat during Dry Times

Seasonal businesses are hugely popular across the world for both summer and winter popularity. Whilst each business will have its own individual pros and cons, one of the most prominent challenges of running a seasonal business is when you hit the out-of-season time period.

With business being virtually non-existent as soon as your peak season time inevitably comes to an end, many seasonal business owners find it extremely difficult to avoid shutting down, especially within the first couple of years. If you’re worried about this happening to your business, below you’ll find some key strategies to ensure your business doesn’t crumble as soon as you come out of season.

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How to Control Operating Cost in Your Business

In business, the operating cost matters a lot. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, and you probably agonised over every single penny you spent in the infancy of your business. However, as the operation grows, and you have to worry about more and more factors, it becomes progressively harder to keep tabs on the amount of money you spend. Here, I’ve listed our best tips on reducing your costs as you scale your business.

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7 Tips for Effective Credit Control in Small Business

Many small businesses overlook the importance of credit control. They assume that because the orders and sales are rolling in thick and fast, everything is great. What they fail to realize is that if a few customers don’t pay, their cash flow will dry up.

You need to be proactive about collecting payments from your customers. It’s not enough to send out an invoice and forget about it. There will always be some customers who wait as long as possible before making payment. The problem is that if you don’t have enough money flowing into the business, it affects your ability to pay your own suppliers. Some might be understanding, but others, in particular the IRS, definitely won’t take kindly to being made to wait for payment.

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New Generation of Solutions to Help Small Business Owners Accept Customer Payments

If there is one thing all small business owners agree on it is that they are paying a lot on credit card processing fees. They are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to accepting payments from customers using credit cards. On one hand they have to accept credit cards from customers or stand to lose many of those valuable customers. On the other hand, the credit card processing companies charge them a fortune to be able to accept those cards. It is not uncommon for small business owners to pay 3-4% of the sales to credit card processing providers. We provided some tips to reduce credit card fees in earlier article. Is there anything more they can do?

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10 Surefire Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Most consumers are very selective when it comes to choosing their phone service provider, deciding which gas station to go to save the most amount of money, or picking a car insurance company that has the cheapest rates. However, when it comes to saving on the costs of electric bills, very few residents know exactly what they are paying for or how to lower your costs.

This article will lay out 10 different strategies you can do to help drastically lower your electricity bill so that you can save and spend money on the things in life that are really important to you.

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Small Business Owners: How Can You save Money on Telecom and Credit Card Fees

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Every once in a while I come across a service that can save small business owners significant amount of money without them having to spend much time and effort. On surface they may appear to be too good to be true, but many times these are really genuine people providing their expertise in specialized areas in exchange for a share of the savings.

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