Innovative Approaches to Generate Huge Sales

These days it is impossible to succeed in small business without spending significant amount of money on marketing and advertising. However, many small business owners feel that no matter how much money they spend on advertising they can’t seem to boost the sales they had hoped for.
We saw this happen to our business too when we used to own them. We would send out advertising inserts in the newspaper and direct mails only to see the sales go up by $300 – $400 in the following week. This doesn’t even cover the money spent on placing an advertisement.
After looking at this very carefully and talking to fellow small business owners we realized that the root of the problem was that we were just one amongst the hundreds of other small businesses who were vying for consumers’ attention.
To be successful in this advertising game you have to stand out from the crowd. You have to be unique, may be even idiosyncratic, to get attention of the consumer and bring them to your business. Below we have laid out several approaches that have been tried by several small business owners with great success. These approaches have generated huge jump in sales and brought in number of new customers.
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Do you Know Who your Best Customers are?

For most small business their “best” customers contribute more than 30% of sales and profit even though they make up only 10% of total customers. Think about this!! These are the customers that help you pay your bills. Not only do they deliver you more sales and profit directly; but they also help you increase sales indirectly by spreading good word about your business to their friends and families.
Given the importance of these customers it behooves you to know who they are. Unfortunately, not too many business owners spend time identifying these customers let alone making sure they are taken good care. In this post we give you several ways you can identify your best customers. We will look at how to take good care of them once you have identified in the subsequent posts.
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