The Future is Plastic – 6 Advantages of Credit Cards over Cash

With all due apologies to The Graduate, the plastics McGuire advised Benjamin about should have been the plastics that make credit cards. With the wholesale adoption of eCommerce, the basic reality of retail sales has changed and credit/debit cards are the outward expression of that change.

Obviously, online retail has little option other than to accept credit cards. PayPal and Microsoft Wallet are options but are too limiting for their customer base. Reflecting that, PayPal offers a debit card to access your account with which makes it much more convenient, both online and at brick-and-mortar retail stores. If PayPal, a leader in online payment systems, offers both credit and debit cards, it’s time to reevaluate your business decision to not accept electronic payments.

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3 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score Whilst Starting a New Business

Your credit score can be easily damaged, and the damage tends to stick around for a while. Just one missed payment, or going over on your credit card limit by a couple of dollars without realizing it, can cause considerable damage to your credit score that’ll still be visible to potential lenders years down the line. Many people who are now great with managing their money find that their credit score is tainted due to mistakes that they made whilst they were young; for example, if you took out a credit card in college that you struggled to repay on your student budget, then this could have a huge negative effect on you in later life. You may have problems if you try to buy a new house, or start your own company and want to borrow a business loan from the bank.

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How to Get Small Business Credit Card with No Credit

Can I get a small business credit card with no credit? Most business owners ask this question. Generally, you cannot get an unsecured credit card for your business without any credit. Most offers require you to have excellent or good credit and do not need a co-signer.

However, this does not mean that you cannot work toward getting an approval. If you do not have any credit, it might take a year or more to get approval. If you have limited capital or revenue, applying for a credit card will only dig you further into debt. However, if you have decent finances already and just want to separate personal and business credit, you should consider applying for a business credit card.

How can you improve your chances of getting a credit card when starting from nothing? Here are some useful tactics:

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What is a Cellular Credit Card Terminal and Who Should Use It?

Cellular credit card terminals are among the best credit card terminals for businesses and entrepreneurs that travel frequently. They are a type of wireless credit and debit machine that attach to the top of smartphones and turns them into mobile card readers. The tiny devices provide many of the same benefits as their machine counterparts, including signature capture, text and email receipts, tax calculator, memos, and tip functions. They even provide cash transaction functions.

Now you can learn about some of the numerous businesses who benefit from this type of credit card reader:

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How to Choose a Credit Card Processing Company

If your small business wants to start accepting debit and credit cards, you need to have a good credit card processing company to accept them. Although you will have to pay some recurring credit card processing fees and upfront costs, this can lead to a big boost in sales. Choosing a company to handle this for you is not an easy job.

Just as with other major financial decisions, it is wise to compare the benefits and drawbacks of all options before you make up your mind. Here are some factors that you need to consider:

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Cash is King (Not)! Small Business Owners – Accept Credit Cards or Wither

When it comes to transacting with customers cash is becoming less and less popular every day. It has come to a point when many people don’t even carry any cash in their wallet, if they carry a wallet at all! According to Gallup poll only 24% of US population is using cash for all or most of their purchases. This is down from 36% only five years ago. If this trend continues it will not be surprising if the federal government starts phasing out some of the cash all together! Few months ago India took a controversial step of banning large currency and instead encouraged the use of credit card and mobile payments for all transactions.

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Tips to Get the Most Out of POS Systems

The point of sale (POS) system is one of the most critical aspects of your retail business. If you don’t get things right, you could miss out on profit and leave the customer feeling bemused. With that in mind, we wanted to publish an article that offers expert advice. So, we recently spoke to a retail business advisor who helped to set the record straight. He came up with three simple rules that should help all shop owners to improve their POS solutions. If you manage to follow the advice on this page, you should notice drastic improvements straight away. Of course, you might have to tailor some of the guidance based on your retail niche.

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New Generation of Solutions to Help Small Business Owners Accept Customer Payments

If there is one thing all small business owners agree on it is that they are paying a lot on credit card processing fees. They are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to accepting payments from customers using credit cards. On one hand they have to accept credit cards from customers or stand to lose many of those valuable customers. On the other hand, the credit card processing companies charge them a fortune to be able to accept those cards. It is not uncommon for small business owners to pay 3-4% of the sales to credit card processing providers. We provided some tips to reduce credit card fees in earlier article. Is there anything more they can do?

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Small Business Owners: How Can You save Money on Telecom and Credit Card Fees

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Every once in a while I come across a service that can save small business owners significant amount of money without them having to spend much time and effort. On surface they may appear to be too good to be true, but many times these are really genuine people providing their expertise in specialized areas in exchange for a share of the savings.

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Best Merchant Account to Use When Managing an International Business

Today’s increasing dependence upon digital technology and the internet has resulted in a world that seems smaller than ever before. While selling your products across the globe might have seemed a preposterous idea fifty years ago, today it is almost taken for granted. Because the reach of products has increased so much on a global scale, in fact, there is increasing number of individuals in international business. When you are dealing with international transactions, you want to make sure you have the best merchant account possible! Let’s look at how to find the merchant account for your needs as well as how to get a free online merchant account in the process!

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