Benefits of the Franchise Model for Business Expansion

FranchiseManaging a business can be risky, but at the same time very rewarding. Some businesses have the right formula or get lucky and are able to attract customers and grow sales rapidly. This is the time when they should look into expansion. Sometimes, this means growing the business organically, and in other cases it’s more sensible to turn the business into a franchise. If you have a strong business model and a unique selling point with plenty of appeal, then franchising your business may be the best next step for you. After all, a franchise gives you geographic expansion, improves your financial standing and can contribute to a positive reputation. If you are thinking of expanding your business via franchise model here are some of the benefits to franchising your business.

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Does Small Business Saturday Really Matter?

Small BusinessSaturday
On Saturday, November 28th, communities across the nation will be celebrating Small Business Saturday. Falling immediately after Black Friday, and just two days before Cyber Monday, this annual observance has become an integral part of the holiday season’s retail surge.

But is it really important? Or is it just another silly marketing gimmick?

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Sage Advice for UK Small Business Needs

In today’s economic climate, the world is fast moving, ever changing and incredibly demanding. You just need to be in the tube during rush hour to experience the rush of suits as they hurriedly make their way into the office or to their meetings for the day. The UK startup market is a saturated one with only 6% of startups and SME’s going onto become larger businesses. Managing Directors of small to medium sized businesses are expected to be on top of their company and their offerings in order to compete with the larger corporations.

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The challenges of running a care home

Home care
With ONS figures suggesting that 8% of men and 14% of women who are aged 65 today will live to 100, it’s clear that a telegram from the Queen is no longer quite the novelty it once was. An aging population brings with it an increased need for specialist accommodation, including residential and nursing care. The result is a £6bn – and growing residential nursing care industry.

A depressing stream of scandals serves as a constant reminder of what happens when care homes fail to take their responsibilities seriously. So do the challenges associated with this sector make it a no-go area for outsiders? Is it really possible to deliver an excellent service, achieve an attractive ROI and keep on top of red tape? Below we take a look at what’s involved in running a care home.

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Starting a Business? 3 Reasons to Work with a Franchise

For many individuals, being an entrepreneur is a lifelong dream. Being able to own and manage a business, becoming your own boss, and have a potential income stream for years to come all make this an appealing opportunity. However, when the time comes to start a business, it can be difficult to start from ground zero, developing an idea and not having any outline to follow. Consider these three reasons for starting a business with a franchise instead of going it alone.

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Selling or Buying Car Dealerships Just Got Easier

Car Dealership
For someone who owns a car dealership or has an interest in selling one, it can be difficult to know how about it. After all, car dealerships are not like the iPhone. You can’t just go into a store and pick one up. In the past, the process has been arduous. Would-be buyers or sellers have had to wait for information on who might be looking to unload their car dealership or who might be looking to purchase one. This makes the process lengthy and unnecessarily difficult. The good news is that this seems to be changing. Now, there is a way to buy or sell an entire dealership without having to struggle through a lengthy process.

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Entrepreneurial Lessons from the Creators of Graphic Novel

Entrepreneurs of small businesses have learned a number of valuable lessons on success from getting down and dirty in the trenches. Professionals, such as the creators of the Bacardi novel, who have experienced success, are eager to share what it takes to be a thriving entrepreneur.

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How Online Training can Help Franchises Grow

Online Training
Franchises have made it easier for people to manage their own business. In many cases, it takes less working capital to start a franchise than many other types of businesses. They help provide owners with a good chance of success because of known business names and proven business models.

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Why Buying a Franchise Is Your Key to Future Business Success

Why Buying a Franchise May Be Your Key to Future Success
So you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. In today’s uncertain economy, it is a good idea to have someone who has your back. This is especially true if you are getting in the business for the first time. With a franchise model, that is exactly what you get – a business partner that helps out with marketing and sales, supply costs, and operations. Franchises usually have hones their business model over years and can help potential business owners get off the ground quickly. However, not all franchises are created equal. You need to do extensive research to find the one that is right for you. Here are the tips you can use to narrow your search.

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5-Step Process to Buy a Franchise Business

5-step process to buy a franchise business
Buying franchises in Canada, or anywhere else in the world, entails a long and difficult path to pursue for the untrained investor. However, equipped with the right information and resources, franchise buying can become less painful and a lot safer. We have broken down the process of buying a franchise into five easy-to-establish steps that serve as guidelines on the road to becoming a successful franchisee. Here are some details about these five stages of the franchise buying process:
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