Hire the Right Salesperson with Online Assessment Testing

When you send out a call for job applications, you’re looking for more than someone to fill an open seat. Yet with such high employee turnover in industries like sales, it seems that scrambling to cover a position happens all too often. It’s important to keep in mind that the wrong hire may not only cost the company revenue of their part, but having an employee that can’t sell can hurt the morale of your team, and their chances for finding success.

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Infographic: How to Get a Job in Marketing With No Experience

Usually, the jobs you can get with no experience don’t pay well. Plus, they can be unbelievably boring. What if you could get a sought after job in marketing that would not only pay well, but ensure you felt excited about work each day? This quick and helpful guide is going to give you some tips on getting a marketing job with no experience!

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5 Step Approach to Build Great Workforce

As a young entrepreneur, I totally bombed out at hiring and managing people.  It took me a long time to figure out that employees had a very different mindset, outlook and set of expectations than I did.   And perhaps most of all I didn’t appreciate the huge upside that I could have gotten if I had given a lot more effort to the whole hiring/managing people process.

As a new entrepreneur, you tend to be much more focused on what may seem like more pressing matters, such as creating products or delivering services, getting sales, controlling costs, managing cash flow and trying to stay in business.

But the leverage you can add to your company as you add employees can be incredible.  It takes time to do what you need to do to hire and manage employees well.  But it is an effort that you will be repaid for many times over.

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7 Surprising Reasons besides Skills That Will Get You Hired

When you prepare for a job interview, you do your research on the company, on the interviewers – if you know their names and functions – and on the job requirements. Then you probably think of how best to answer tricky questions, and what to ask them about the company. Finally, in most cases, you also need to present your work to address a task that the company has shared with you – most commonly, you end up using a PowerPoint presentation, but video displays, digital templates, and 3D plans are also brilliant alternatives depending on the task. In other words, preparing for a job interview is about showing the best of your skills in terms of understanding, knowledge, creative problem-solving, experience and professionalism. What you can’t do, though, is preparing for all these external factors that may get you a job. Don’t assume that having any of the following features means that you’ll land your dream job without professional skills. But when employers are struggling to pick the best-suited candidate, these surprising factors put you on top of the list.

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Are You Likely to be Hired Based on Your Accent?

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try to dispute it, regional accents come hand in hand with an attitude towards them. For better or worse, the UK has different attitudes to its regional accents. But the question is: do these attitudes affect how employable you are? The simple answer is yes. However, industrial cleaning company DCS Multiserve has provided us with this research to uncover how attitudes differ on different regional accents.

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Why Small Businesses Must Use the New I-9 Form

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When it comes to hiring people, employers in the United States have to make sure of a potential employee’s identity and employment eligibility. The verification mechanism that is employed in the country is the completion of the Form I-9, a federal form that was made mandatory by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

Both the employees and the employers are required by law to complete the latest version of the Form I-9, while employees are required to present additional supporting documents. This verification process applies to both citizens and non-citizens.

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6 Ways to Improve your Online Presence as an Employer

How do you let everyone know how awesome your company culture is? If we could scream it across the globe, we would. However, it’s becoming more and more commonplace to see businesses enhancing their employer brand online. This way, you can defy the laws of time and space, letting the whole world know that it is a bright idea to work for you.

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Key Attributes Business Graduate Bring to Small Businesses

Over the past few decades, business graduates have been taking the world of small business by storm. There are more companies that are willing to hire professionals who have an online MBA degree and smaller businesses account for the largest increase of companies that are looking for professionals who have specialized business degrees.

When these professionals were in graduate school, they learned the importance of applying the concepts of business that they were taught in the real world. So, employers are gravitating towards applicants who have demonstrated that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to help a company flourish.

So, what are the other attributes that make online MBA graduates more attractive to prospective employers?

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Tips for Pursuing a Career in Healthcare Industry

A career in health can be hugely rewarding. Being able to help out in some way is immense. The career can range from managing healthcare professionals to being one yourself. If you are the type of person who takes pleasure in helping people then this is surely the job for you. Nothing helps a person more than facilitating their recovery or ensuring their health is at a level they are happy with. There are dozens of career paths for you, yet there are certain things you need to bear in mind before going ahead and plunging in head first.

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4 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Should Consider Hiring an MBA

Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever. Business owners have to deploy the latest tools and technologies to stay ahead of their competitors and remain relevant in the eyes of their customers. This also means they have to look into ways they can improve their in-house talent pools.

However, the number of job applications you receive as a business owner is increasing, and each application presents you with a variety of knowledge skills that are perfect for most positions. In your next round of hiring, you should seriously consider hiring a qualified Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate. You should also consider acquiring the skills of an MBA yourself through online MBA programs.

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