Are You Likely to be Hired Based on Your Accent?

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try to dispute it, regional accents come hand in hand with an attitude towards them. For better or worse, the UK has different attitudes to its regional accents. But the question is: do these attitudes affect how employable you are? The simple answer is yes. However, industrial cleaning company DCS Multiserve has provided us with this research to uncover how attitudes differ on different regional accents.

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Why Small Businesses Must Use the New I-9 Form

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When it comes to hiring people, employers in the United States have to make sure of a potential employee’s identity and employment eligibility. The verification mechanism that is employed in the country is the completion of the Form I-9, a federal form that was made mandatory by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

Both the employees and the employers are required by law to complete the latest version of the Form I-9, while employees are required to present additional supporting documents. This verification process applies to both citizens and non-citizens.

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6 Ways to Improve your Online Presence as an Employer

How do you let everyone know how awesome your company culture is? If we could scream it across the globe, we would. However, it’s becoming more and more commonplace to see businesses enhancing their employer brand online. This way, you can defy the laws of time and space, letting the whole world know that it is a bright idea to work for you.

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Key Attributes Business Graduate Bring to Small Businesses

Over the past few decades, business graduates have been taking the world of small business by storm. There are more companies that are willing to hire professionals who have an online MBA degree and smaller businesses account for the largest increase of companies that are looking for professionals who have specialized business degrees.

When these professionals were in graduate school, they learned the importance of applying the concepts of business that they were taught in the real world. So, employers are gravitating towards applicants who have demonstrated that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to help a company flourish.

So, what are the other attributes that make online MBA graduates more attractive to prospective employers?

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Tips for Pursuing a Career in Healthcare Industry

A career in health can be hugely rewarding. Being able to help out in some way is immense. The career can range from managing healthcare professionals to being one yourself. If you are the type of person who takes pleasure in helping people then this is surely the job for you. Nothing helps a person more than facilitating their recovery or ensuring their health is at a level they are happy with. There are dozens of career paths for you, yet there are certain things you need to bear in mind before going ahead and plunging in head first.

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4 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Should Consider Hiring an MBA

Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever. Business owners have to deploy the latest tools and technologies to stay ahead of their competitors and remain relevant in the eyes of their customers. This also means they have to look into ways they can improve their in-house talent pools.

However, the number of job applications you receive as a business owner is increasing, and each application presents you with a variety of knowledge skills that are perfect for most positions. In your next round of hiring, you should seriously consider hiring a qualified Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate. You should also consider acquiring the skills of an MBA yourself through online MBA programs.

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Why Your Business Should Provide Tuition Reimbursement Benefits to Employees

Employee benefits can be double edged sword. On one hand, it costs businesses lot of money, but on the other hand they can generate loyalty and improve employee performance. The key to succeeding at this is making sure you implement properly and generate good return on investment. Tuition reimbursement is one such benefit that can help businesses of all types attract good employees and retain them eventually helping businesses grow. Granted, it costs significant money to implement tuition reimbursement program with the rising cost of college in the U.S., but if you manage it properly you can get significant tangible and intangible benefits from it.

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3 Skills Every Marketing Professional Must Have

If you are looking for a career in marketing, there are certain inherent traits every marketing professional must have. Some are learned skills that you can pick up along the way, and others are part of your makeup, something you are born with. Of course those personality traits you should have would include being friendly, outgoing and motivated but almost everything else can be learned. Here are some of the skills you should have if you are considering a career as a marketing professional.

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What Industries will Drive Economic Growth in the Future in US?

Emerging Industries
A country’s economy is like a living organism. It goes through continuous evolution. Old engines of growth decline while the new ones come up to take their place. Few decades ago automotive and manufacturing industries were driving the growth and creating millions of jobs. This was replaced in the last decade with computer and internet related industries. During the economic boom in 1990s hundreds of companies were being created employing thousands of people in a short timeframe.

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How can HR Professionals Harness Technology to Improve Hiring Process?

The success of any business is highly dependent on the quality of its employees. Hiring the right employees, training them and taking care of them should be a priority for any company that wants to grow and succeed in the market. As a result HR department plays a crucial role in making this successful. Unfortunately, these days HR departments have to deal with number of challenges, including job applicant screening, government regulations and so on.

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