How to Make Progress towards Paperless Office

Having a paperless office is an idealistic goal that in reality, is quite hard to completely successfully achieve. You would not be alone in falling short of achieving a total paperless office, as only about 1% of EU businesses have managed to accomplish this task. The reason why so many businesses come up short is that the we way understand or interpret the term paperless, makes it a goal that is not easily attainable.

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How to Prepare Your Business against Disaster

Disaster Management
If your business is in an area that is hit by hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods, you’ll need to think about plans to protect your business from disaster before it hits. The impact of natural disasters can be devastating for businesses. The Institute for Business and Home Safety estimates that approximately 25% of small businesses don’t reopen their doors after a natural disaster. Planning ahead for a disaster is the best way to ensure that your business isn’t in that 25 percent.

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9 Ways You are Negatively Influencing Employees Productivity

Employee Productivity
Productivity and efficiency are the handmaidens of any smooth-sailing company ship, whether that ship sells novelty bicycle horns or high-end custom kitchen cabinets. When you and your employees are efficient in your work, productivity goes up, which increases your bottom line and job satisfaction with you, your team and yourself. But wrenches can get thrown into even the most well-oiled spokes, making your productivity aims seem unreachable. If you and your team have been less productive of late, it may be time to take a look at your own management style. Here are nine common ways bosses and managers sabotage their employees’ productivity.

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5 Essential Ways to Boost Employee Morale in Your Business

5 essential ways to boost employee morale
As the head of the company, the buck might stop with you, but without motivated and empowered employees, you’ll likely struggle to achieve long-term goals and hit benchmarks. How do you make sure employees understand and buy into the company’s culture and strategic plan? Keeping a pulse on office morale is one of the first steps. If you notice morale is low, here are five ways to get it moving in the right directions — where organizational leadership and improved management meet.

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How to Ship Your Vehicle Overseas Cost Effectively

How to ship your venicle overseas cost effectively
The shipping of vehicles overseas is now as easy as counting to three – with certain companies, all of the work is taken care of on your behalf. A lot of them can deliver to destinations almost anywhere in the world, and you will also get a choice on how your vehicle is shipped.

It is becoming more and more common for people to ship their car overseas for number of reasons. Its increase in popularity is largely because the procedure has become simple and straightforward. Cars, motorbikes, trucks and other kinds of vehicles are now delivered to destinations all around the world. There are number of companies that can do this for you and handle all the customs forms and formalities.

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How to Choose Broadband Provider for Small Business

How to choose broadband provider in small business
Broadband has revolutionized the way small businesses provide services to their customers. Majority of the population in developed countries has access to broadband. With the ability to combine voice, data, television into once affordable package broadband providers can provide a compelling value proposition to small business owners as well as individuals. Those who do not take advantage of this are at a disadvantage. With broader access and ever decreasing price there is no excuse for a small business owner to not jump on the broadband train.

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How to Create Great Business Brand – The Ultimate Guide

How to create great brand
Let’s do an experiment. Close your eye and think of the first word that comes to mind when I say Apple. How about McDonald’s? Prada? If your answers were something like elegance, Happy Meal and luxury, respectively, you understand the power of brand. A brand can create vivid images in your mind of a business. It can also create powerful emotions in people’s brains. No wonder large businesses spend millions in creating and protecting their brands. The brand doesn’t have to be the purview of large companies only. Small business can, and must, do everything in their capacity to cultivate and manage their brand image.

Just what is a brand?

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How to Start an Online Brokerage

How to start online brokerage
Seeing Gordon Gecko wheeling and dealing in Wall Street, the stock market might look a fun place to be. Thrilling it certainly is, but it’s not the place to be playing games. It’s a high-pressure environment in which financial fortunes can change in less than a minute.

Of course, this is finance and there’s money to be made. If you know your PERs from put options and your common stocks from closed-end funds, you may fancy setting up your own online brokerage and helping others less in the know (for a fee, naturally).

Here’s how you go about becoming an online broker.

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How to Run a Thriving Kiosk Business

How to Run a Thriving Kiosk Business
For aspiring entrepreneurs, the prevalence of large corporations and big-box chains can make starting a business seem like a daunting task. To combat these challenges, many businesspeople are finding great success by starting kiosk businesses instead. With low overhead costs and short-term lease commitments, starting a kiosk business is a great way to jump-start your career. As with all business pursuits, it’s important to know how to run your kiosk business in a way that will make it profitable. With these following five steps, you can create a thriving and profitable kiosk business.

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5 Simple Techniques to Keep Your Employees Stress Free

5 simple techniques to keep your employees stress free
According to NHS, an estimated 10 million days are lost each year as a result of work related stress, depression and anxiety. This is despite businesses spending enormous amount of money on employee health care. Many small business owners feel like there is no end in sight to this vicious cycle of rising healthcare cost for their businesses, increasing stress for their employees and reducing productivity and profit resulting from both.

While the situation may appear dire at times, there are some simple and effective ways by which businesses can help their employees reduce daily stress, and in turn reduce their health care cost and improve business productivity. The key is to take these steps before the situation warrants immediate attention and make them part of your and employees’ daily routine. Below we provide some tips to do just that.

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